17th January

Why is artificial bougainvillea popular?

Feel the sunshine!

Everyone loves bougainvillea as this pretty climbing ornamental vine perfectly captures the essence of summer - the warmth of the sun and the deep blue skies and nothing looks more beautiful than its colourful bracts growing up white-washed walls. Whilst bougainvillea thrives in warm climates where the sun shines more than five hours each day, with less sunshine it doesn’t flower profusely and it is also very frost-sensitive, so not easy to grown in colder climates. Not surprisingly, the gorgeous BloomsArt artificial bougainvillea floral garlands are top sellers!

Why is bougainvillea popular?

Bougainvillea is also known as the ‘paper flower’ because of the feel of its bracts. Originating in South America, it was named in 1768 by the botanist, Phillibert Commerçon who was accompanying the French Admiral, Loui-Antoine de Bougainville, on his expeditions. The flowers on this plant are tiny and white and are grouped in threes and are surrounded by three- six colourful bracts. There are three main varieties of bougainvillea, but there are hundreds of different varieties in a rainbow of different colours including the traditional colour – magenta.

What are artificial bougainvillea garlands?

These colourful garlands are the quick and easy way to add colour and fun inside or out. The garlands are pre-assembled and are six feet in length. The flowers used in the garlands are made from a special poly-silk fabric using real touch technology. Each flower is breathtakingly realistic and is complemented perfectly by the lush and detailed faux greenery that surrounds it..

The garlands are one metre (40 inches) in length, 38 cm (14 inches) wide and are 15 cm (six inches) high. They are both 100% wind and waterproof so can be successfully used for decoration both inside and out. They are available in four beautiful colours: magenta, red, white and delicate soft rose and their greenery is an authentic shade of green and realistically detailed.

Bougainvillea garlands can be ordered online (https://shopbloomsart.com/) and will be delivered to you promptly. The garlands are carefully packed into protective boxes and are accompanied by full installation instructions plus an accompanying video.

Bougainvillea garlands are amazing realistic and are really durable and will look good with the minimum of maintenance – just a careful dust every now and then.

10 great ways to use bougainvillea garlands

BloomsArt artificial bougainvillea garlands are very popular as they are very versatile and can be used vertically, horizontally or draped, clustered, cascaded or wrapped around columns and poles to create interest and great visual impact. The pretty garlands are very versatile and be can used in so many ways to generate a smile and happy thoughts of summer days-

● For hotel and restaurant doorways and receptions plus a floral garland warmly welcomes guests

● The addition of a colourful bougainvillea garland to outside bars creates a real summery vibe and for home bars, will definitely put friends and family in the mood for a cocktail!

● Travel companies can evoke thoughts of summer holidays by using floral garlands to decorate their stands at corporate events.

● A vibrant bougainvillea garland makes an eye-catching decoration around shop windows, doorways or along fascia boards.

● Mirrors surrounded with pretty bougainvillea make clients in hair and beauty salons plus dress shops feel extra special.

● Garlands of pretty bougainvillea can be used to decorate archways and pergolas for summer weddings as well as pretty decorations for the backdrop for wedding photographs. Bougainvillea garlands that are wound into spirals add a love pop of vibrant colour to plain white or wooden wedding chairs for the wedding couple.

What better way to evoke the ambiance of the Greek Islands for a Mamma Mia party than decorating the venue with magenta bougainvillea garlands?

● Al fresco dining becomes very romantic if tables are decorated with bougainvillea garlands interwoven with twinkling fairy lights.

● A fun way to add colour to a conservatory of atrium is to attach a bougainvillea garland vertically to a wall or column and place the lower end of the garland in a large basket so that it really does look like a real and blooming vine.

●What better way to get in the holiday mood than to drape a floral garland across the bedhead!

There are endless ways to use pretty bougainvillea garlands to create a lovely summery ambiance so that everyone who seems them feels upbeat.

If you need some help and guidance about how to use bougainvillea garlands for maximum impact or would like to customise a design, why not email us? We will respond promptly to your questions….