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How BloomsArt Started

BloomsArt started when Katia and Olesya met over a shared passion for all things floral. They had both travelled widely and had been impressed by the flower markets in Amsterdam and other countries. They both believe that the environment shapes how you feel. This means that creating beautiful displays with flowers can not only make your environment look gorgeous but also boost your energy and creativity. The only problem they had was that fresh flowers wilted so quickly, that they constantly had to refresh their floral décorwith new and expensive flowers.

Discovering the Latest Techniques in Artificial Flower Making 

When they started to research the issue, they discovered that modern technological advances had made artificial flowers look hyper-realistic. They discovered a specialist factory in the Far East that made bespoke flowers that looked completely real. The fake flowers were made from special poly-silk, using real touch technology, known as RTT, which helped create flowers that looked so lifelike that it was hard to mistake them from a fresh one. Katia and Olesya started to experiment with the real touch flowers and found that if they were mixed with fresh or dried greenery, then they looked even more lifelike.

They wanted to share this with other people, so they started BloomsArt; their London based floral design company in 2016. 

The Benefits of High-Quality Silk Flowers for Retail Space

The business soon took off, with many commissions to do flower walls for weddings, table décor and decorations for fashion shows and photo shoots. Real touch flowers look real but they do not fade or wilt, making them perfect under hot lights. In addition to this BloomsArt has been working with hotels, shops and office spaces to create lush, long-lasting fake flowers for window displays and interior decoration with their high-end artificial flowers. They wanted to create evocative floral art that is beautiful, robust and affordable. Many businesses are now using flowers as part of their marketing, as a great shop window or outdoors display can reinforce the branding of a business, and tie together themes. A beautiful floral arch or tree can attract passing custom, so thus increase the number of customers that you get. Katia and Olesya have created many retail displays with wisteria-covered frames, lilac arches and even decorated trees. Vertical greenery has also been on trend recently, so they have been making eye-catching greenery walls for top restaurants and hotels in and around London.  

Time-Saving Window Dressing  

Many individuals and businesses love the fact that artificial flower displays do not need much aftercare. Once the team have met with their clients, they design floral décor to their specifications or can create a creative display from just a few suggestions. BloomsArt flowers do not need to be watered, and they keep their shape and colour. Christmas is a particularly busy time for the company as they get booked to create many large seasonally inspired displays around London. It's one of their favourite things to walk around the city, feeling the Christmas buzz and decorating windows for shops, hotels and restaurants. 

The Eternal Romance of Flowers 

Katia And Olesya’s work is defined by understanding both the romantic and dramatic effects of flowers. Their designs include vintage-inspired themes including roses, sweetpeas and peonies in antique vases to bold, modern designs with succulent orchids, tall calla lilies blended with different textures to create height and depth. They have shown their floral projects at places as refined as the Chelsea Flower Show and at London Fashion Week amongst many others. The girls are expanding their business due to popular demand to France and the United States, and are currently launching BloomsArtUSA when Katia relocates there. They are also opening Courchevel ski season with a bespoke display, and have events planned across the South of France this summer. It's safe to say that business with BloomsArt is blooming.