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"Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful;
They are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul"
Luther Burbank, American botanist

A stunning BloomsArt floral arrangement can effortlessly transform any gloomy corner, uninspiring doorway or bare wall with a colourful and eye-catching floral masterpiece that can be enjoyed and appreciated all year through.

BloomsArt offers a variety of innovative floral solutions for both inside and out for restaurants, shops, hotels, offices and private homes. Each arrangement is skilfully made with love and attention to detail using beautiful real touch silk flowers that are so realistic it is hard not to smell their fragrance in the air. Each perfect bloom is complemented by a rich variety of either real or faux lush green foliage.

Once in place, your BloomsArt floral artistry will be frequently complemented and will positively impact both its surroundings and all who see it
The best news of all is that BloomsArt.com caters for both the UK and international markets. All you need to do is provide our experienced team with some essential information and they will quickly create a stunning and unique floral masterpiece for you to enjoy either at home or in a corporate setting for many months to come….

The seed is sown…. Olesya Panova has always had a deep passion for flowers. The variety of their shapes, sizes  and colours appealing to her creative spirit. Friends often remarked on her arrangements, praising her innovative designs and by 2016 her thoughts and ideas became reality when she founded BloomsArt – her own floral design company situated in the heart of London.

…. And today the company is blooming beautifully
Olesya enjoys the diversity of her work and demands made on her imagination as it has included creating displays for restaurants, shop doorways, hotel receptions and bland  conference rooms. Each display is uniquely created using real touch silk flowers that are so cleverly made that it is hard to realise that they are not real! Olesya often mixes the gorgeous flower heads with freshly cut foliage with truly impressive results. Over the years, she has completed more than 2,000 floral installations in the UK.

Each beautiful flower is painstakingly made from a special poly-silk fabric using traditions and real touch technology that have been developed in East Asia. The result is a flower that is both breathtakingly beautiful and amazingly life-like. Olesya works with traditional favourites including roses, sweet peas and colourful peonies but often includes more unusual flowers in her work to introduce a dramatic element or unusual texture.  Watching Olesya as she works is mesmerising as quickly her floral work of art is created with her keen and artistic eye for detail. She and her staff thoroughly enjoy their work as it brings pleasure to so many. 

BloomsArt has become particularly well known for the company’s gorgeous floral garlands that instantly transform the most dreary shop or restaurant facade giving it warmth and vitality that attracts passers by. She spends here time keeping abreast of changing trends, travelling to overseas customers and also the famous flower markets of Holland for inspiration. 

BloomsArt floral displays are not only beautiful, they are long-lasting, versatile – and affordable. The floral displays are extremely durable and maintain their good looks with the minimum of maintenance which makes them ideal for restaurants, hotels, shops and offices. BloomsArt floral displays have a big ‘wow’ factor that attracts and delights passers by.  

The BloomsArt company has been widely recognised as a market leader and continues to flourish as artificial floral displays become increasingly popular- but without losing the personal touch that is much appreciated by its clients. The company’s work is often showcased at such prestigious events as the London  Fashion Week and the Chelsea Flower Show.                                                        

Olesya reminds us of the explanation once given by Stefano Gabbana-  
"To me, flowers are happiness." Enjoy to BloomsArt experience 
At BloomsArt we appreciate that our customers’ time is precious and the idea of ordering a floral installation can seem daunting. With our streamlined ordering procedure it is a pleasure from start to finish as we offer a superb service – at a very competitive price.

 For our London-based 
● Once you have contacted us via bloomsart.co.uk we will visit you to discuss your ideas, give you our ideas about colour and style-  and importantly measure the available space.
● Shortly afterwards we will contact you with our floral proposal detailing the shape and design for the floral arrangement.
● About one week after our initial visit, we will return to the site with all we need to start work on your floral installation-  which usually takes 1-2 days to complete.
● If you have chosen a floral garland, we usually create these in our workshop and transport them when they are completed and ready for installation.

 For our worldwide clients
● Whether you are in the UK or further afield, we are happy to create a bespoke floral installation for you. When you contact us via bloomsart.co.uk we will just need photographs and measurements of the area that you would like decorated.
● Within 24 hours (and this is guaranteed) we will send you some suggested visual designs for your consideration.  
● We will start work straight away on your order which will be delivered free of charge. We guarantee delivery in 2 days in the UK and within 5-6 days to the United States. For other addresses worldwide, delivery will be in less than two weeks.

For intricate and complicated orders, it is possible for the floral arrangement to be installed by BloomsArt and this can be discussed at the time or ordering.

BloomsArt – meeting and exceeding your floral expectations...