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2020 is Officially the Year of Sustainable Flowers

11 Feb 2020

The world’s most prestigious horticultural event, the RHS Chelsea Flower Show has announced that this year the theme is sustainability and the environment. They will showcase garden designers who are highlighting climate change, in a bid to get people thinking about what they can do for a more sustainable future. This ties in with BloomsArt’s own drive to allow people to enjoy the beauty and artistry of floral displays but with less waste and a reduced carbon footprint. Many people do not associate fresh flowers with having a negative impact on the environment but as they are generally flown into the UK, sometimes from as far away as Asia or South America, and this can have a pretty hefty carbon footprint. Even flowers that are grown closer to home, most commonly in The Netherlands, are grown in huge greenhouses that use vast amounts of energy to heat and light, and this is without taking into account the transport costs to fly or drive them to UK customers.

BloomsArt’s artificial flowers and greenery are made from recycled polyester, which is abbreviated to rPET. Most fake flowers are made from plastic and rubber-based materials, which are created to last for a really long time. This means that tonnes and tonnes of plastic are thrown away, and as it doesn’t rot, it ends up polluting our oceans and landfill sites. BloomsArt’s faux plants and flowers are made from recyclable material, so the material can be reused time and time again. We made a point to source factories that only made high-end artificial plants from rPET, so we could guarantee that all our products were made from recycled materials that could, in turn, be recycled, creating beautiful yet sustainable floral decorations.

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The Greenery Trend in Interior Décor

06 Feb 2020

It may be winter in London, but the trend in using artificial greenery for interior décor can be seen more than ever as savvy interior decorators see the possibilities of styling homes and businesses with faux greenery from BloomsArt.

Biophilic design is the art of bringing plants into interiors, whether it is a home, restaurant, hotel, waiting room, office or retail shop. When people are surrounded by greenery, it has been shown to lower stress levels and improve creativity and even cognitive function. This applies even when artificial plants are used to decorate a space. This has led to an increase in demand for interior decorators that can work with plants to create stylish, eco-friendly interiors. It explains why you may have seen more green walls, flower walls, plant-filled ceilings, and potted plants in domestic and business interiors as well as at events such as weddings and parties. In addition with the environment on people's minds so much, it is no surprise that there is a new back to nature aspect to interior design.

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Recycled Artificial Greenery

14 Dec 2019

Rubber and plastic are made to last for a very long time, but this has had the adverse effect of having around 8 tonnes of plastic being dumped into our seas and oceans, which is having a catastrophic effect on wildlife.

It is up to us to recycle and re-use manmade materials and avoid single-use plastic. BloomsArt’s artificial greenery and flowers are made from recycled polyester, known as rPET, which can also be recycled again if required. We have an environmentally aware and responsible approach to how our faux plants are manufactured which is why we ensure that all the materials used in our fake flowers and greenery are made from recycled components.

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Commercial Christmas Decor: Marketing for Your Business

25 Nov 2019

Christmas is a great time of year as people get together with friends and family. It is also a great time for commercial businesses. For some companies, the festive period is the main period in the year when revenues are boosted. A month’s business can bring in more money than at any other time in the year. Even if the Christmas holidays don’t increase your revenue, it is a time to connect with the local community and decorate your premises to show Christmas cheer. Decorating your business has also been shown to improve staff morale, which is important at this busy time of the year.

Commercial Christmas décor can be a great marketing tool for your business. While sales and a bigger advertising budget can drive traffic to your business, commercial Christmas décor such as festive Christmas wreaths can create an eye-catching, interesting shop front, which will attract passing custom and even social media queens keen for an Instagram friendly shot. Even if you don’t sell Christmas gifts, you will show that your business definitely has a festive spirit. And the right Christmas décor won’t just attract passers-by; word of mouth is an important part of marketing. Everyone loves viral content, so the more people you have taking pictures of your festive Christmas wreaths and sharing them on Instagram, Facebook and other social media channels, the more chance there is of other people coming to visit your business, in essence creating free marketing for your business.

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Hanging Greenery Ceilings

25 Nov 2019

Of all the recent trends in interior design, hanging greenery on ceilings, doorways, and walls is one of the most interesting concepts that BloomsArt has designed and installed. It can really transform a space into an urban oasis and enhance a visitors experience of your business or event.

Gorgeous rainforest-themed greenery for commercial businesses or even homes has taken London by storm. Businesses such as SUSHISAMBA, the Rainforest Café and the hip new restaurant Amazonico are all known for their lush greenery. Green walls are already a big hit for interior design, as they allow people to enjoy an urban garden even if they do not have a lot of space. BloomsArt is now getting requests for green hanging ceilings, where they design and install gorgeous green plants that drape down from the ceiling, creating a jungle-like canopy overhead.

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Commercial Christmas Floral Decor

28 Oct 2019

At this time of year, many businesses are starting to think about Christmas. In particular about commercial Christmas floral décor, how you choose to decorate your commercial business for Christmas can have a huge impact upon footfall to your business. There are some proven marketing ideas using artificial flowers that actually work. High-quality faux flowers, when used well in festive décor, can reinforce your brand or bring you brand recognition if you are a new business. BloomsArt has come up with some sure-fire ideas to market your business at Christmas time.

1. Christmas Window Display

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Trends in Christmas Flowers 2019

02 Oct 2019

Christmas is seen by most people as a time for getting together with family and friends at home and celebrating with good food and drinks. If you are hosting Christmas this year them you will want your home to look as festive as possible. Floral Christmas décor from BloomsArt adds seasonal elegance to any home or business, and this guide will show you all the floral trends for Christmas 2019 so that you can decorate any space with artfully elegant faux flowers.

If you are a retailer, then you will want to create a festive experience for all your customers as they shop for gifts, or enjoy lunches and dinners out during the holidays. Beautiful displays made from flowers will entice passing customers to have a look at what is inside, and if you have a café or restaurant, interesting flower displays are instantly Instagrammable, giving your business free, organic advertising.

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Hanging Flowers for Your Ceiling

01 Oct 2019

The latest trend in floral décor using faux flowers is to use them for decorating your ceiling. Hanging flowers add a touch of mystery to any room and will be sure to attract attention from everyone who sees them. BloomsArt’s fake flowers take ceiling décor to a whole new level.

A stunning way to decorate an event or commercial property is to hang artificial flowers from the ceiling. You can use monochromatic flowers for a chic, sophisticated look; they can even be contrasted with the other décor in the room to create a Mondrian inspired block colour pattern, think using a primary colour palette. If you want a romantic effect then fake flowers can be twined into flowery ropes and hung from the ceiling giving a cute, welcoming look to any space.

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Fake Flowers for Window Boxes

07 Aug 2019

How Artificial Flowers Can Give Kerb Appeal

Who doesn’t love the look of fresh flowers in a window basket? But fresh flowers and plants can be expensive and need a lot of care, which isn’t always easy with a busy, modern life. This is where fake flowers for window boxes come into play.

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What is an Artificial Plant Installation?

05 Aug 2019

An artificial flower and plant installation from BloomsArt is a custom-designed and installed display made from high-quality fake flowers and greenery. It can be designed to tie in with an existing colour scheme or to reinforce your branding. In addition, it can drive attention and thus footfall to any business. BloomsArt only uses faux plants made from modern, high tech materials that fully replicate the look of fresh flowers and plants. We work with our clients, whether it is an individual or business to create something wholly unique that will turn any space, however large or small into an oasis of calm. BloomsArt artificial flower and plant installations last as long as they are required. Fake plants last for a very long time, much longer than fresh flowers so they are ideal for decorating commercial businesses. If you prefer to hire artificial flowers for an event such as a wedding or party, we can design and create beautiful floral décor, and then take it away after the event has ended. Conversely, we can install gorgeous long-lasting artificial flower installations such as green walls and flower walls that are designed to be a permanent structure.

Can artificial flower and plant installations be used inside and outside?

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