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Decorating Ceiling with Silk Flowers

17 Sep 2020

Hanging Gardens of Greenery

Greenery can go a long way, and Bloomsart now design and install hanging gardens of greenery. Decorating your ceiling with flowers is a great way to introduce some urban greenery into any space. They can be used to create natural looking floral chandeliers, which adds an instant focal point to any event such as a wedding or to a business property. BloomsArt can create different shapes of chandelier such as circular or even design a simple hanging branch laden with flowers or entwined with ivy.

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All You Need to Know About Faux Flowers

17 Sep 2020

Artificial plants and flowers are becoming increasingly popular as a way to decorate a commercial or home space with minimum aftercare needed or expense. They are the ideal form of commercial décor when you do not have time to look after fresh plants or the manpower.

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Cherry Blossom Installations

14 Aug 2020
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Create an Instagramable Green Wall with Neon Lights

03 Aug 2020

Green walls have been trending in the last year as they are used for an eye-catching backdrop for any business where you want to create a visual centrepiece.

BloomsArt have designed and installed a new tae on the green wall, a plant filled wall of greenery that features bright neon lighting.  UK company Neon Poodle specialise in making interesting neon signs for any spaces and offer customised lights for sale or hire

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How To Create Artificial Tree Yourself

16 May 2020

Step 1.

Choose what type of tree you want to create ( magnolia or willow tree are the best). Gather artificial foliage, flowers and fruit that will correspond with your tree. Consider Foliadge with the long stalks  

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Adding Silk Flower Installation To Residential Entryway Decor

30 Apr 2020

Adding Flowers to your entryway decor 

Decorating the entrance point to your home with real looking artificial flowers instantly creates an inviting environment for your visitors.  Curb appeal can play an important part in making your home look warm and welcoming, especially if you are renting or selling your home. Using floral decor such as decorative pots on each side of your doorway is an inexpensive way to accent your front door and add a sense of balance to the building.

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Decorating a Residential Area With Silk Floral Installations

29 Apr 2020

When people think about revamping their home, they tend to think of paint or new furniture, but faux plants are an environmentally friendly, budget conscious way to refurbish your home.  

Flower installations are a fantastic way to make any home come alive. They can be used to add a pop odd a pop of colour and contrast with an exisisting scheme and to create a large or small installations for indoor or outdoor

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How To Adapt Silk Floral Decor To Different Culture

16 Apr 2020

How to Adapt Your Floral Décor for Different Cultures

 If you want to play around with your home or commercial décor, or if you have a client that has asked you to incorporate certain design features from another culture, then learning how to infuse your interior décor with beautiful visual effects from other countries will help you take your designs to another level. It allows you to play around with colours and shapes that you may not have used before in your interior or even exterior décor. 

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2020 is Officially the Year of Sustainable Flowers

11 Feb 2020

The world’s most prestigious horticultural event, the RHS Chelsea Flower Show has announced that this year the theme is sustainability and the environment. They will showcase garden designers who are highlighting climate change, in a bid to get people thinking about what they can do for a more sustainable future. This ties in with BloomsArt’s own drive to allow people to enjoy the beauty and artistry of floral displays but with less waste and a reduced carbon footprint.

Many people do not associate fresh flowers with having a negative impact on the environment but as they are generally flown into the UK, sometimes from as far away as Asia or South America, and this can have a pretty hefty carbon footprint. Even flowers that are grown closer to home, most commonly in The Netherlands, are grown in huge greenhouses that use vast amounts of energy to heat and light, and this is without taking into account the transport costs to fly or drive them to UK customers.

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