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    Recycled Artificial Greenery

    Greenery Made from Recycled Rubber and Plastic

    Rubber and plastic are made to last for a very long time, but this has had the adverse effect of having around 8 tonnes of plastic being dumped into our seas and oceans, which is having a catastrophic effect on wildlife.

    It is up to us to recycle and re-use manmade materials and avoid single-use plastic. BloomsArt’s recycled artificial greenery and flowers are made from recycled polyester, known as rPET, which can also be recycled again if required

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    Hanging Greenery Ceilings

    Hanging Greenery Ceilings

    Enjoy Lush Greenery with Faux Plants

    Of all the recent trends in interior design, hanging greenery on ceilings, doorways, and walls is one of the most interesting concepts that BloomsArt has designed and installed. It can really transform a space into an urban oasis and enhance visitors' experience of your business or event.

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    Commercial Christmas Decor: Marketing for Your Business

    Commercial Christmas Decor: Marketing for Your Business

    Festive Christmas Wreaths for Businesses

    Commercial Christmas décor can be a great marketing tool for your business. While sales and a bigger advertising budget can drive traffic to your business, commercial Christmas décor such as festive Christmas wreaths can create an eye-catching, interesting shop front, which will attract passing custom and even social media queens keen for an Instagram friendly shot.


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