14th January

Flowers for your wedding day

If you are planning your wedding this year, high on the list of priorities will be beautiful
flowers for your special day.

As well as flowers for the wedding venue, you will probably
be planning table arrangements too. According to Brides.com 8-10% of the wedding
budget is spent on flowers. An increasing number of brides are choosing artificial flowers
and the stunning floral garlands created by BloomsArt are proving a popular way to
decorate tables, pergolas, wedding archways and more.

There are many advantages for choosing top quality faux flowers for your wedding -
You can choose out of season flowers

Whilst it is possible to get roses almost all year around, another wedding favourite – the peony – is only in season for a few short months and to try and get them at other times of the year is incredibly expensive. This can be really disappointing news if you have chosen certain flowers as a theme for your wedding day. Luckily, artificial flowers can be used with great success as they are available all year round. Imitation peonies for example, are one of the flowers in the BloomsArt Very Lush Greenery Garland which also features lavender blossom, gypsophila and three different types of eucalyptus. Artificial flowers can look amazingly realistic

All of the BloomsArt floral garlands are handmade with great attention to detail.

The flowers are created from a special poly-silk fabric with real touch technology and they are carefully arranged to give the garland wonderful depth and colour. The leaves used in the garlands also look realistic as they are in different shapes, sizes and tones of green and each leaf is highly detailed with veining and life-like colour variations. The garlands look good and stay good because they are timeless, durable and do not fall apart.

Each garland is ready-assembled and measures six feet (1.8 metres) in length. These flowers stay perfect -whatever the weather

One of the big problems is trying to keep wedding flowers looking their best all day through. This can be particularly challenging if your wedding ceremony or reception is going to be outdoors. On a warm day, cut flowers soon begin to wilt. Artificial flowers are much more sturdy and durable and there is no need to worry about water!

Bougainvillea is beautiful but its flowers are delicate and do fall easily if there is a breeze. If you are planning a Mamma Mia or tropical theme to your wedding, ready assembled faux garlands of bougainvillea are the ideal answer as they are durable and available in magenta, soft rose, red or white flowers.

Floral garlands are so versatile

Lush floral garlands really do transform the setting for your marriage. A colourful garland across the table in the registry office makes the occasion feel so perfect. Floral garlands can be used around church doorways, on church pews and across the altar to create a warm and welcoming ambiance. If your ceremony is going to be held outside, the wedding pergola, canopy or archway will look stunning decorated with the rich greenery and exquisite flowers used in floral garlands.

If you are looking for a simple, but breathtaking centre piece for your wedding party tables, artificial floral garlands are perfect. The garlands are opulent as they are generously-sized with an abundance of greenery. If you prefer, you can opt for a greenery garland which really does bring nature inside, or you might prefer the Luxury Flowers Eucalyptus

Wedding Garland which features five different gorgeous white flowers plus a rich variety of greenery. If you prefer a touch of colour there are pink greenery and blue greenery garlands that both look incredibly real. Other colourful flower garlands in the range include orange floral blossom, pink cherry blossom and champagne-coloured cherry blossom.

The garlands are so easy to use

The floral garlands are delivered in special boxes to protect and store them until they are needed. In the box there are full instructions on how to use the floral garland and how to fix it in place around doorways etc. An explanatory video is also provided. Caring for your floral garland couldnt be easier as all is requires is a very careful dust if there is a build up of dust.

Fake flowers are allergen free

With more and more people suffering from hay fever, a big plus for choosing artificial flowers for your wedding is that the flowers are perfect for family and friends if they suffer from pollen allergies.

A floral garland makes a wonderful wedding souvenir

After your wedding, what better memento of the wedding than one of the beautiful floral garlands? As well as displaying one in your new home, the garlands make lovely gifts for both mums, the chief bridesmaid/ maid of honour. Floral garlands can be used with great effect in the home and make a lovely mirror surround, decoration along a mantelpiece or along the top of a bookcase. Such a gift is extra special because it can be enjoyed for many years to come.

Buy your flowers in advance to spread the cost

There are certainly plenty of bills to pay in the run up to your wedding day and another huge bonus in choosing imitation flowers is that they can be bought months in advance and stored until the ‘big day’. This is a great way to alleviate wedding day costs nearer the day and to spread the cost over many months.

Why not have a look at the selection of floral garlands available? If you have any queries, please contact us and we can quickly help you