16th June

Elevate your home stylishly with artificial house plants

The trend for having lush, vibrant greenery indoors has been growing steadily in recent years. The presence of plants in a room is known to reduce stress and boost spirits which are both beneficial to mental health and well-being. Vibrant indoor plants successfully infuse all types of homes with a touch of nature, creating a fresh, relaxing and inviting atmosphere. However, many people simply lack the time to keep their  house plants thriving and this often leads to their demise with the leaves losing their colour and falling and the plant eventually dying.  Luckily,  there is a perfect solution to this very common problem…

As the fashion and popularity of indoor plants endure, the demand for artificial greenery is skyrocketing as more and more people discover that they are the perfect way to ensure beautiful looking house plants with minimal upkeep. Modern faux plants are nothing like the fake plastic versions that were popular in the past. Today's artificial plants are crafted using new and exciting cutting technology, that makes them look and feel incredibly realistic. Market leader BloomsArt has recently expanded its range to include stunning faux houseplants - much to the delight of its global customer base. To make the process of selecting and buying stunning indoor plants for your home even easier, BloomsArt has a new online shop, where you can browse its range of quality artificial flowers and house plants in the comfort of your home- https://shopbloomsart.com/shop/

BloomsArt for Superb Faux Houseplants

BloomsArt has a well-earned reputation for its high-quality, colourful floral arrangements and lush greenery garlands and these have long proved popular for both business and personal use. Recently, BloomsArt’s owner, Olesya Panova responded to endless customer requests to extend her range to include beautiful artificial green plants too. 

As the demand for faux houseplants continues to grow, many high street retailers are now offering a variety of artificial plant options. However, many of these are very reasonably priced and are meant to introduce a fun element and most look artificial. In complete contrast, BloomsArt's new range is completely different as the houseplants are of premier quality and meticulously crafted by hand, with great attention to detail. The leaves on the faux house plants are in realistic colours with intricate veining, making them almost indistinguishable from live plants and because of the use of real-touch technology, the houseplants in this stunning collection, even feel amazingly realistic .

Customisable and cost-effective

Unlike many suppliers, BloomsArt's artificial house plants are not sold in decorative planters, as this allows customers to choose their own pots that best match their decor. This approach also greatly reduces shipping costs and these savings are passed on to customers.

The new houseplant sets include either eight individual artificial plants suitable for 50 cm pots, or a collection of 16 plants for a one-metre display pot. The house plants have been carefully selected so that they have diverse shapes and green tones, including variegated leaves. Together they create a harmonious and stunning display, that is ideal for window boxes and plant troughs, without the worry of sun-fading or the plants can be used individually to create a focal point.

The cost of the two house plant collections is not the lowest in the market, this is because the quality of each individual plant is breathtaking. Only the very best quality materials have been used in their production and this ensures that they will be durable and not deteriorate in any way and will bring you many years of pleasure.

Ordering your new houseplants could not be easier using the new website -https://shopbloomsart.com/shop/Your order will be quickly prepared and your houseplants will be carefully packaged into a protective box that will be sent to you. Opening the box will be a really pleasurable moment as the house plants are ready to be used in your home right away, to transform it into one that feels natural and welcoming.

BloomsArt faux houseplants are easy to use

The beautiful artificial houseplants are incredibly easy to use. Each plant comes in a small individual pot, ready to be placed in a display planter with soil, tiny stones, or special dry foam. In minutes, you can have a lush, green display ready to enjoy.

The benefits of artificial houseplants

In today's busy world, finding time to care for live plants can be challenging. Artificial houseplants offer numerous benefits:

·    They always look perfect, without leaf discolouration, wilting or leaf drop.

·    The plants are unaffected by poor lighting, changeable temperatures or draughts.

·    They are hypoallergenic and are ideal for those who are sensitive to plants.

·    Minimal maintenance is required; just an occasional dust or wipe with a damp cloth.

·    They are a sustainable choice, because they are made from eco-friendly materials and last indefinitely – with no wastage.

Customisation and Gifting

BloomsArt's artificial houseplants can be customised to match your colour scheme with the addition of artificial flowers. A selection of artificial house plants makes a unique and thoughtful gift for weddings, anniversaries, or other special occasions. Optional additional decorations can be added to suit the event.

Why not  invest in one of BloomsArt's gorgeous new collections of artificial houseplants? Bring the beauty of nature into your home the easy way and look forward to enjoying beautiful houseplants in your home for many years to come….