17th January

Create a warm reception with a floral garland

The reception area is the first point of contact for old and new visitors and clients to your hotel, restaurant or company. Those first few moments spent in the reception area will make a big impression on them and how they feel about your business and its professionalism.

Creating the right reception area is of key importance as a warm welcome will boost your clients’ moods and feelings of satisfaction.

The addition of plants and flowers has been proven to accentuate the warmth of the reception area and to bring harmony and balance to what can be a busy area. The colour green is always calming and evokes feelings of security, which in turn helps develop strong customer loyalty.

One of the easiest ways to make your reception look stylish is to add a few luxurious BloomsArt floral garlands to the area.

What are the important points for a reception area?

Creating the right reception area is straight forward, but attention to detail is essential.

● Streamline the reception area with plenty of stylish storage as it is essential that the reception always looks clean and tidy.

● Decorate your reception area with warm colours as these are more inviting. Shades of blue and green are known to be calming. If you have company colours and a logo, this is the ideal place to display both.

● Ensure that the lighting is adequate to make completing paperwork easy, but don’t use bright cold lighting – warm tone lighting works best.

● Hang a large painting or other piece of artwork on the wall to add interest.

● Provide comfortable seating for your clients with an elegant, generously-sized coffee table.

● Comfortable chairs and work area is essential for reception staff so that they feel happy and at ease.

● Bring the new look of the reception together perfectly by introducing a vibrant floral or greenery garland to introduce a feeling of nature indoors as this will uplift everyone’s spirits.

Why are floral garlands a good addition?

Adding a stylish, top quality BloomsArt floral garland is the easy way to add the final touch to your reception area. The flowers are created from a special poly-silk fabric with real touch technology and keen attention to detail. The blooms are carefully arranged amongst lush greenery to give the garland depth and colour. The leaves used in the garlands are equally realistic in different shapes, sizes and tones of green.

Each leaf is highly detailed1meter in length. The garlands are durable and always look pristine with the minimum of care – this is a real bonus as only too often, live plants in the reception area get forgotten and struggle without regular watering and TLC.

How to use a floral garland

Amongst the most popular in the BloomsArt selection are the garlands that feature a generous amount of variegated greenery mixed with gorgeous white flowers. If you prefer something more colourful there are stunning garlands of bougainvillea in an array of different colours as well as garlands of orange floral blossom, pink cherry blossom and champagne-coloured cherry blossom – which are all so life-like you can almost special their fragrance!

Floral garlands are easy and versatile to use. They are delivered quickly to your door, beautifully packaged and pre-assembled. Each garland is accompanied by full installation instructions and an accompanying video.

It is easy to get creative with pre-assembled garlands

● Use floral garlands to frame the entrance doorway to the reception as this is eye- catching and will encourage clients to step inside..

● Attach garlands to the ceiling above the reception desk and vertically down the walls on either side to draw the eye and stylishly define the reception area.

● If you have a large display board with information of forthcoming events, menus or special offers, why not ‘frame it’ by attaching a floral garland around the edges?

● Floral garlands are the perfect way to accentuate different architectural features. A garland can be draped across the mantelpiece of a fireplace, wound around a column or fixed under the handrail of a staircase.

● If the ceiling is beamed, a colourful floral garland introduces a relaxing and summery vibe to hotel receptions and restaurants.

● Mirrors look grand and opulent when surrounded by a colourful garland and the gorgeous mixture of lush flowers and leaves can transform wall cupboards and filing cabinets.

● If there is a corner in the reception that looks dull and uninspiring, a floral garland attached vertically down the wall or shaped to provide an eye-catching decoration to fix where the wall metts the ceiling, will soon make it a talking-point!

● The perfect way to decorate a large coffee table is to assemble a collection of five/six differently sized candles in the same colour and place in the centre of the table. Carefully wrap a floral garland around them to complete the decoration. Candles in the same shade as some of the flowers in the garland will bring harmony to the display.

Why not promise your reception area a makeover? Flowers are a great way to improve and enhance your business image, introduce a breathtakingly fresh feeling of harmony and an extra warm welcome to your clients…

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