19th April

Come and see us at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show!

For the first time, BloomsArt will be exhibiting at the prestigious RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Since 1862, the show has steadily increased in size to become world famous. Today, it is the world’s greatest flower show and ‘ the pinnacle of horticultural excellence’.

The Chelsea Flower Show appeals to all kinds of gardeners as it focuses on ‘all things flora, but with a creative twist’ and it is the best place to see the latest thoughts and ideas in garden design.

Why go to the 2024 show?

What is great is that the show has something of interest for everyone. If you have a good- sized garden, there is plenty to interest you, but likewise if you have just a small garden or even a balcony, there are some fun and innovative ideas for turning any space into a restful haven. There are plenty of inspirational ideas for container gardens too- which are perfect for urban dwellers. One of the many new features for 2024 is a garden designed by children – for children.

The theme for the RHS Chelsea Garden Show is once again sustainability and the garden designers are creating some very special gardens for visitors to see using eco-friendly techniques, that incorporate both low carbon materials and processes as these can greatly reduce the impact on the environment. 

BloomsArt has a stand this year to publicise its fabulous floral garlands. It has become a market leader in artificial floral garlands which are made using a unique poly-silk fabric employing real touch technology. The result is stunningly beautiful garlands with flowers that are breathtakingly realistic and very durable. The garlands are flexible and easy to use in an amazing number of different ways, inside and out in restaurants, shops, hotels, offices and the home.

Gorgeous BloomsArt floral garlands make colourful additions to family events such as weddings and anniversaries as well as a myriad of corporate events.

They effortlessly elevate any space by introducing a luxuriously welcoming ambiance.

Importantly, BloomsArt artificial floral garlands mirror the theme of this year’s show as they are very eco-friendly to use and last years.

From small beginnings…

First called the Great Spring Show, the very first event took place 1862. It was held in a one large tent in the then RHS garden in Kensington. Between 1888 and 1911, the show
was held in the Temple Gardens on the banks of the Thames and since 1913, the show
has been held at the Royal Hospital, Chelsea. Since the first show, it has been a tradition
that a member of the Royal family visits on one of the days – Queen Elizabeth II attended
many shows during her reign..

The Chelsea Flower Show is the most prestigious flower show. The first show gardens
were created back in the 1920s and were the first rock gardens to be seen - which
certainly created a great deal of interest. Today, the beautiful show gardens take 19 days to create and five days to dismantle.

The Great Pavilion in the crown of the Chelsea Flower Show’, as it is the most popular display. Covering 12,000m² (almost three acres), the Great Pavilion provides a light and airy shelter, for displays from nurseries from across the world.

So much to enjoy at the 2024 show

There will be all the old favourites to enjoy, plus many new exhibits with the theme of sustainability. There will be garden designs that are economical with water and filled with plants that can thrive even with climate changes. There will be a display that showcases the beauty of British woodland , whilst others will encourage wildlife into your garden. The

Boodles Garden is a colourful exploration of how to create a beautiful ‘painting’ using flowers

The All About Plants category in the Great Pavilion is a new addition to the show, first introduced in 2022 that showcases ‘the positive power of plants to improve lives and livelihoods’. At this year’s show, there will be six gardens including an edible skate park, a garden for good gut health and a tropical forest packed with rare plants.

Plan your visit!

The 2024 RHS Chelsea Flower Show will take place Tuesday 21 May – Saturday 28 May in the grounds of the Royal Hospital, Chelsea. It is the perfect place to wander at leisure and to stop and browse whenever you come across something interesting – and you will! It is possible to pre-book meals in advance. Members of the Royal Horticultural Society are given reduced admission prices. Each year, the RHS Chelsea Flower Show welcomes about 168,000 visitors.

● Tuesday – Wednesday – RHS Members’ Days 08.00 – 20.00

 ● Thursday – Friday 08.00am – 20.00

● Friday - Chelsea Late event 17.30 – 22.00

● Saturday- 08.00 – 17.30 (sell off of displays begins at 16.00)

Full details of the 2024 RHS Chelsea Flower Show can be found at-