17th January

Artificial cherry blossom- the herald of Spring

Cherry blossom is popular the world over as it welcomes the arrival of Spring andgenerates a feeling of vitality. The flowers are delicate to look at and have a light anddistinctive fragrance. Cherry blossom symbolises life and beauty. It is however, short-lived,as the blossom only lasts one week in late March/early April. Because of this, cherry blossom reminds us that life can be fleeting. Cherry blossom is much loved by many people and is deep-rooted in Japanese culture and history. It seems a shame that it cannot be enjoyed for longer each year, but luckily, BloomsArt offers the perfect solution with its gorgeous artificial cherry blossom garlands.

Why is cherry blossom so popular?

Cherry blossom is also known by its Japanese name, Sakura, and trees are common throughout eastern Asia – especially Japan. Cherry blossom probably first originated in the Himalayan uplands in ancient times. Today there are thousands of wild cherry trees as well as cultivated ones. Ornamental cherry blossom trees began to be found in other countries after the Japanese presented some trees as gifts to the Americans in 1912.

There are more than 300 different species of cultivated cherry blossom, but more than 80% of the trees in Japan are the most common variety- Somei Yoshino. When the flowers are in bloom (January- March in Japan), there are many parties in Japan to celebrate ‘the circle of life’ and these parties are called ‘Hanami’ and are held under the branches of the blossoming trees. These parties have taken place each year since the 3 rd century AD.

What are artificial cherry blossom garlands?

The ideal way to capture the magic of the cherry blossom is with an artificial floral garland. The delicate flowers on the floral garland are durable and will last much longer than one week but will nurture the same feelings of joy and happiness in everyone who sees them.

These realistic garlands are highly detailed and because they are 100% rain and windproof, they can be used as decoration inside or out.

The garlands are pre-assembled and measure one metre (40 inches) in length and are 0.35 metres (14 inches) wide and 0.3m (12 inches) high. The cherry blossom flowers are very realistic as they are made from a special poly-silk fabric using real touch technology. The flowers are complemented perfectly by the lush and detailed faux leaves with real trunks and branches.

There are two lovely colours of cherry blossom garlands to choose from- either pretty pink cherry blossom or Champagne- coloured cherry blossom. Both are so life-like to look at and touch that it is surprising their fragrance doesn’t fill the air!

Are cherry blossom garlands easy to install?

Cherry blossom garlands can be ordered online (https://shopbloomsart.com/) and are delivered to your door promptly. The garlands are carefully packed into protective boxes and they are accompanied by full instructions plus an accompanying video on how to install them. The cherry blossom garlands are top quality and durable and will last with the minimum of maintenance- just a regular, light dusting.

If you would like help in using a cherry blossom garland for display, simply email us photographs and the dimensions of your chosen space and will be send you our ideas.

Cherry blossom garlands for work….

● Add colour to your shop front by enclosing the window in cherry blossom or attaching. garlands around the door frame – this will also make your shop look luxe, but also very inviting.

● If you have a Reception area, a garland or two of cherry blossom will transform the space. The garlands can be attached just under the reception desk, wrapped around a column or pinned vertically on a bare wall. If you do the later, pop the lower end into a large decorative pot so that it looks like a growing tree!

● In hair and beauty salons, cherry blossom garlands wrapped around the mirrors will make all customers feel special and the same trick works well in dress shops – especially those specialising in bridal wear.

● Garlands of cherry blossom are the perfect addition in coffee shops and restaurants - especially if you create an artificial cherry blossom tree for guests to sit under.

● In offices, it is proven that plants can uplift the spirits, so a garland of pretty cherry blossom draped across the filing cabinet, wrapped around a column or decorating the mirror in the staff toilets will definitely make everyone smile!

…. and in the home

● In the home, a cherry blossom garland adds an extra special touch when draped across the mantelpiece or the top of kitchen cupboards and makes an eye-catching coffee table decoration when wrapped around a group of chunky candles in different heights.

● Add a very special and romantic touch to your bedroom by attaching a garland across the headboard or horizontally on the wall above the headboard.

● Outside in the garden, the garlands are ideal for decorating al fresco dining areas – especially when interwoven with twinkling fairy lights and a garland is also a lovely way to decorate a balcony.

Cherry blossom garlands for weddings too….

Whether you are planning a Spring wedding or cherry blossom is your favourite flower, artificial garlands are the perfect way to incorporate the blossom in your wedding. BloomsArt also stocks cherry blossom wreaths that are equally as versatile-

● Cherry blossom garlands can be used to decorate chair backs, canopies and pergolas for the wedding ceremony.

● The prettiest archway can be made using several cherry blossom garlands

● A garland can be carefully folded to create the perfect decoration for the corner of a room.

● Bridal party tables look lovely when decorated with cherry blossom garlands or wreaths filled with chunky candles of varying heights.

● Garlands can be used to create the perfect place for wedding portraits when attached to a blank wall.

● A clever way to transform the wedding car and make it feel extra special, is to decorate the back shelf with a gorgeous garland of cherry blossom.

● After the wedding day, the cherry blossom garlands make a very special souvenirs for mums, mum-in-laws and bridesmaids.

Whatever the occasion, adding a beautiful cherry blossom garland to symbolise life and beauty, will definitely be a touch that many will appreciate….