14th January

Add a stunning garland of greenery to create a statement piece

The sheer beauty of a voluminous BloomsArt greenery garland can be quickly and easily used to totally transform an area inside or out. The greenery garlands are excellent quality and are amongst the best in the world. BloomsArt greenery garlands are increasingly popular because they are so versatile and can be used vertically, horizontally or to drape, cluster and cascade to create interest and visual impact. Using our experience, we have carefully selected 15 different types of foliage which we use in each garland with great effect. The garlands are perfect in shops, restaurants, hotels, office spaces and homes as well as for use for a myriad of commercial and family events.

The leaves in a greenery garland are in different shapes, sizes and tones of green that are skilfully arranged to give the garland wonderful depth and colour. Each leaf is carefully created from a special poly-silk fabric with real touch technology and is highly detailed to include veining and life-like colour variations. The greenery garlands look good and stay good because they are timeless and durable. Each greenery garland is ready-assembled and measures 1.2 metres in length. The garland comes with full installation instructions and a useful video. Why not get creative with a gorgeous BloomsArt greenery garland?

10 good ways to add appeal with a greenery garland:

Both outside...

1.Give your shop frontage a fresh new look with added customer appeal by attaching several garlands across the width of the shop above the display window.

2. Welcome customers warmly to your shop or guests to your restaurant or hotel by
attaching greenery garlands around the door frame

3. Make passers by curious about your window display by surrounding your window in lush greenery that complements all types of luxury goods on display.

4. Transform any bland walls by topping them with a gorgeous greenery garland that will lead the eye towards the entrance doorway.

5. The character of an atrium can be defined by the addition of natural-looking greenery garlands that will cleverly link outdoor and indoor areas in an eye-catching way. Greenery garlands are a powerful and beautiful way to decorate plain beams with the colour, shape and texture of 15 different types of beautiful foliage that includes eucalyptus, fern and lemon tree leaves.

… And inside…

5. Bring nature indoors by swirling a lavish garland around a column or pillar.

6. Greenery garlands are a gorgeous and luxurious addition in hair and beauty salons and can be used with great effect above and around wall mirrors.

7. Greenery garlands look beautiful draped along mantelpieces, pianos and shelf units.

8. A statement wall can be effortlessly created by attaching a gorgeous BloomsArt greenery garland vertically on a plain wall. The garland will have the same appeal as real plants and can be kept looking good with the minimum of effort.

9. Restaurant and hotel receptions benefit from the addition of greenery garlands that help to create a welcoming ambiance.

10. Greenery garlands can also bring a lovely rustic charm and relaxing ambiance to bars – especially when complemented by other items in natural materials such as cane, wicker and wood.

BloomsArt can help with the transformation

For customers who find the idea of a greenery garland(s) appealing, but lack the confidence to choose what will suit their chosen space best, BloomsArt staff can speedily help solve the problem! Simply send details of the size of space that you would like to decorate, along with some photos and you will be advised how many garlands you will need and in what way they should be installed for maximum visual impact.

Creativity has never been easier with BloomsArt greenery garlands…. www.shopbloomsart.com