14th January

10 great ways to use pre-assembled floral garlands for shops

The speedy way to add colour and interest to your shop - either inside or out - is with a beautiful BloomsArt garland. These gorgeous pre-assembled garlands are beautifully made from a special poly-silk fabric using real touch technology. Each flower is breathtakingly realistic and complemented perfectly by the lush and detailed faux greenery. BloomsArt garlands are quick to fix in place and instantly a add dramatic interest that will get your business really noticed...

Here are 10 great ways to use BloomsArt pre-assembled garlands with great effect in shops:

1. Across the shop facade

Fixing a stunning floral garland or two across the front of your shop will instantly transform its bland character into a charming fashion statement. The floral garlands look particularly good against a background of white paint or natural wood, but can look equally dramatic against a background of navy blue, burgundy or forest green paint or natural coloured bricks.

● For extra night time appeal, small twinkling LED lights can be interwoven into the garland.

2. Surround the door

The sheer beauty of the exquisite flowers used in your BloomsArt floral garland will definitely make your customers smile and extend a warm welcome to them as they step into your shop.

3. Frame the shop window

Attaching floral garlands around your shop window will definitely increase its appeal and will encourage passers by to linger for a few minutes to enjoy window shopping. Whether you are selling jewellery, baby clothes, high-end fashion or luggage, enhancing your window display will definitely prove a winner and generate curiosity!

4. Transform the brick wall or railings!

If there is a plain brick wall next to your shop, this can easily be transformed into a dramatic statement piece! First give the wall a fresh coat of white paint and then fix the floral garland along the top of the wall – the results are truly stunning!
Likewise, if you have an old wrought iron railing, give it a speedy makeover with a coat of black gloss paint before fixing a gorgeous floral garland along the top.

5. Decorate your large mirrors

If you have a large mirror that your customers use, why not make it magical by surrounding it with a floral garland? If your customers are using it to buy clothes, shoes or jewellery, imagine the special feeling they will have when they look at themselves in a mirror edged by gorgeous flowers.

6. Add femininity to your hair or beauty salon

Whether you have a hair salon, nail bar or offer beauty treatments it is a great idea to emphasise the feeling that your clients have left the hustle and bustle of everyday life at the door and for their time with you, they will be pampered. Adding a gorgeous BloomsArt floral garland in feminine colours across the top of wall above the mirrors is a really quick way to enhance this important marketing message.

7. Transform a bland wall

If you have a wall in your shop that looks characterless, why not hang a colourful floral garland vertically from top to bottom? The result will be impressive and definitely add a luxurious feel to the interior. If you have certain colours for your company’s branding, then a floral garland in these shades works even better!

● This idea is also a clever way of enhancing an architectural feature such as a stone pillar or column.

8. Emphasise your staircase

Whether the staircase in your shop is in use or not, it is an interesting architectural feature that be emphasised by the clever use of a floral garland .

9. Accentuate an old fireplace

If you are lucky enough to have an old fireplace in your shop, don’t try to mask it – be proud of it! With some clever painting and a colourful floral garland for the mantelpiece, the fireplace will add comfort and cosiness to the shop’s ambiance.

10. Add a colourful accent inside or out

Whilst you may not want to string a floral garland along the length of a wall or shop window, floral garlands are so versatile that they can look equally as impressive when they are used as a colourful highlight in a smaller area. The pre-assembled garland is flexible and easy to shape to suit your chosen spot. You will be surprised and delighted by the number of positive comments you will receive from your appreciative customers too....

● Why not get creative and give your shop the ‘wow’ factor by ordering a beautiful pre-

assembled floral garland from BloomsArt today?