27th September

Ways to Arrange Artificial Flowers for Christmas

BloomsArt’s Guide to Festive Décor with Fake Flowers

At BloomsArt we get a lot of requests for bespoke festive floral decorations for homes and businesses, but we also get calls and emails about how to decorate using faux flowers. This guide will hopefully help you get started in creating unique floral arrangements for Christmas that will add drama and texture to any space, whether it is in the home or in a commercial building.

Gorgeous Christmas flower arrangements and table décor really create a feeling of holiday cheer in any environment.

But perhaps you are allergic to fresh flowers or are concerned about other people’s allergies, particularly in a retail environment. You may also want your Christmas flowers to last a few days, most flower shops are closed over Christmas so if you need to top up your floral display, you will have to wait until after the holiday period. This is not an issue with artificial flowers as they last for a very long time and do not wilt or fade like fresh flowers.

How to Arrange Faux Flowers for the Christmas Table

We have 4 tried and tested tips for using silk flowers in table decorations at Christmas.

Step 1

Pick your flowers. You can choose fake flowers and plants in traditional Christmassy colours such as green, red, white and gold, or use colours that tie in with your branding if you are a business. Maybe you want to make a statement piece with colours that are generally not thought of as festive such as black and purple, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to festive flower decorations. BloomsArt stocks high-quality real touch flowers made from poly silk, but fake flowers are also available in nylon and polyester if you are not bothered about a realistic finish.

Step 2

Pick what you are putting your fake flowers in. Whether you are using a tall, slender glass vase, painted terracotta pot or a vintage hanging basket, choose a receptacle that is high and wide enough to fit the flowers that you have chosen.

Step 3

Use something to support and hold up your flowers. You can use florists foam, double sided sticky tape, even play dough. Play around with height, width and texture to get a floral display that you really like.

Step 4Put your flowers inside your chosen vase or another container, starting at the middle and working outwards. If you really want to up the festive factor, mix in some holly and pinecones, or even pine branches. We also like to use traditional Christmas decorations such as oranges studded with cloves and tied with ribbon. For a fun, child-friendly Xmas look, mix in striped candy canes. More Ideas for Making Christmas Displays from Fake Plants

We would recommend coming up with a design before you buy your fake flowers. Even if it is a basic idea, try and think what colours and type of flowers and vase you want to use. What message are you trying to convey, is it for the home or to welcome guests to your hotel. Maybe you want to create an eye-catching Christmas window display to entice customers into your shop or restaurant. Do you have a theme, or do you want to tie in your Xmas flowers with your company branding, we think for a really striking Christmas floral display it helps to plan it beforehand.

Try to stick to a few colours rather than using lots and lots of different colours. It won’t look as chic and may make the wrong impact.

Because artificial flowers have long, bendy stems, they are great to play around with when making your Christmas flowers. We like to twine flowers together into a festive garland, which can then be spiralled around bannisters or used as decoration for candles on the Christmas table. Be inventive, use found objects such as old glass jam jars or funky 70s style hanging baskets. Instead of using plain glass vases, try coloured or mirrored glass. You can even use fruit such as pineapples or coconuts for a fun tropical Christmas look. If you have an event planned for the Christmas period, you may want something a little larger, flower walls or greenery walls made from artificial flowers and plants are a fabulous way to bring drama and romance to any space, however big or small.

Christmas is only a few months away, so start planning your festive décor now, so that you can create something beautiful for Christmas without any stress. If you have any questions about using fake flowers at Christmas or you want to hire a fake flower wall for a Christmas party, contact us at BloomsArt for professional yet friendly service.