30th April

Adding Silk Flower Installation To Residential Entryway Decor

Adding Flowers to your entryway decor 

Decorating the entrance point to your home with real looking artificial flowers instantly creates an inviting environment for your visitors.  Curb appeal can play an important part in making your home look warm and welcoming, especially if you are renting or selling your home. Using floral decor such as decorative pots on each side of your doorway is an inexpensive way to accent your front door and add a sense of balance to the building.

When it comes to your home, first impressions count. If you are planning an event or putting your house up for sale or rent, decorating your entrance way is simple way to influence people’s perception of your home. A dramatic entranceway decorated with flowers, is a great way to introduce the theme of an event, or the relaxed, yet luxurious atmosphere of your home.

 Whether you choose to focus your design on colour, height or texture, a floral installation can make a real statement about your house or your home event. A well-designed installation made from faux flowers can create a mood as visitors come into your space. Greenery and floral can be combined to make the ideal entranceway.

 An interesting installation filled with colourful flowers is a great option when you want to build an entranceway feature. Faux flowers and plants can be shaped into archways, walls, and letters, anything that you want to decorate the front or even the back of your home. You can even use artificial flowers to create a hanging installation.

 When you start designing an installation for your entranceway, think about what is for, if it is for day-to-day use, think f what your favourite flowers are, or even your favourite colours. You can even choose seasonal plants, such as spring like daffodils and tulips, or winter evergreens and poinsettia. If you are decorating your doorway or gates for a special event, think about the theme of your event, and what you want your guests to feel when they approach your home. Do you want them to feel instantly at home, or celebratory, or do you want to express your individual sense of style?

 Floral installations can also be made using other elements such as elevated surfaces such as plinths to display statement floral arrangements.  You can even use them to display different items such as flower filled vases in contrasting colours to your hanging flowers. Throughout the entranceway, take a chance to play around with different sizes and heights of plinths and pedestals to create a staggered look.


Think of the style of your home when designing floral décor, if you have a large entranceway, you can use larger plants and can use elaborate designs, a modern home, may suit a more minimalistic look, or even an English country garden look to create an interesting contrast.


To create a subtle, intimate entranceway, blend flowers and greenery with candles. This will give your property a warm sense of ambience. If you use a particular floral design at the front of your house, you can carry that design idea into the interior of your home. This will serve to connect the exterior and interior of your space, creating a stylish, welcoming effect. You can use every part of your creativity to decorate your entranceway with flowers and greenery.