7th October

Luxury Faux Floral Garlands

Whether using fresh or faux flowers, flowers in different hues can bring texture and colour to any space.

Due to high demand , BloomsArt been creating beautiful floral garlands made from deluxe artificial flowers to decorate homes and retail spaces.They are a pretty touch when used to decorate any room, whether that is for a special event such as a wedding or a party, a girl’s nursery, a restaurant, beauty salon or even a shop. Floral garlands are an easy to customise, portable, affordable way to decorate a small or large space with flowers. 

BloomsArt’s floral garlands come in different shapes; they can be arched to fit in a window display, or can be in a block shape to fit inside a wall space. We are designing and installing a lot of garlands made from flowers for commercial window displays, as they attract attention from passing shoppers, making them a useful way to increase footfall to your business.

"A colourful display of flowers in your window or around your doorway makes any business look more enticing, and will also draw attention to whatever else is in your window display. Good commercial décor has been shown to have a positive effect on traffic to a business, and makes the business stand out from other competitors".

They can also be hung so they frame mirrors, which looks really pretty when used in a hair or beauty salon. As they look visually very appealing, they also have that Instagram wow factor for people who want to share pictures on social media.

Hanging garlands made from 

artificial flowers can be custom made for your business or event, as flowers can be colour coordinated to tie in with your branding or with the colours that you want to use at your wedding or other event. If you want to hang your garland at home, we can create one that complements or contrasts with your colour scheme.