3rd November

Interior Décor Trends for 2021

As we approach the end of the year, it is the ideal time to check out interior décor trends for 2021.

2020 has been a year of crisis with the pandemic meaning people are staying in more, and businesses have to come up with creative solutions to market their products. These factors combined means that people are looking for their spaces to be contemplative, yet packed with energy and style. With the world becoming a smaller place, with many holidays and trips being postponed until next year, your home or commercial business is where you may be spending a lot more time so how you choose to decorate it is more important than ever. If you are working from home, it is important to make sure that your interior décor makes your space a calm place to work from, that makes you feel good, rather than a cluttered space from which to work.

Nature provides a respite from stresses and strains, and this goes for home décor too.

Stylistically this means using the natural world as a starting point for your design. Use faux flowers and plants made from recycled, recyclable materials to bring colour and texture into any space. Your fake greenery can be mixed with grasses for a natural look, and displayed in glass or wooden containers. Materials such as cork, stone, bark and even jute can be used in interior décor for a chic yet rustic look that is tactile, natural and relaxing. If you are planning on a natural look, use a colour palate that includes juniper green, olive green, leaf green, moss, orange and muted red tones. 

Another trend in home décor is blending traditional cheerful floral patterns with vintage pieces; think Victorian style with a colourful, modern twist.

Consider using bright, colourful artificial cottage garden flowers, along with printed fabric, influenced by Liberty and Laura Ashley. Use large bouquets of small flowers, but display them in interesting vases and containers on top of patterned tablecloths. The colour palate for this look includes white, soft grey, rose, pale almond, sky blue and dark topaz.

Zero waste is on trend again for next year, so if you want to decorate any space with flowers, consider using faux flowers from BloomsArt, as they are made from recycled materials and can be recycled themselves. They last indefinitely and can be customised to create new, or seasonally inspired flower displays. You can up cycle them with new flowers or other plants, add soft materials or spiky grass to the flowers for an interesting, evolving look. This makes for a good starting point if you are decorating your home or even home office space. Choose simple, handcrafted objects to decorate your space, and include fun, cheerful items such as uncomplicated prints, child like drawings, recycled objects, papier-mâché, woollen and corduroy fabrics, and of course, vivid colours. Try and use items and clothing you have lying around, and get creative with them to make your own style statement. 

Another trend that would fit well with any of the aforementioned trends is using green tones in your space.

Think of lush artificial greenery, tall, dried grasses, walls painted or hung with pale or jewel like green tones. You can decorate tiles or boxes with leaf prints, or dried flowers, or use natural materials such as clay, wood or simple glass.  Think of a calm space, somewhere where you could meditate or sit with a good book, use calming colours, beautiful faux greenery and the minimal use of bright prints and natural fabrics.

At BloomsArt, we have been getting more and more requests for unusual floral displays such as hanging ceilings, made from faux flowers or greenery. Even if you are limited for space, and have no garden, you can use artificial plants to create a beautiful indoor garden. They can be customised with neon lighting, for an individual style, and also different faux flowers and plants can be added, if you want to make changes to your floral décor.

Whether you want to go green next year, or create a comfortable space with a mix of fake flowers, coloured prints and heritage furniture, or decorate purely by using recycled, recyclable materials, the interior décor trends for 2021 have you covered.