1st November

Floral Décor for Millenials

Millennials can be defined as anyone born between 1981 and 1996, which covers people in their 20s and 30’s. In common with every generation, millenials have their own ideas about what constitutes good design, and what they find lends value to their life. What differentiates millenials from other groups such as baby boomers and generation X is that they have come of age with the Internet and social media. This means that they have been social media savvy for most of their lives. 

The first really popular social media site was MySpace, which had a million active users in 2004. Facebook, Reddit and YouTube have been around for ten or more years, but new sites are gaining popularity all the time. For example TikTok was started in 2016 and by 2018 already had half a billion active users. This means that millenials are savvy about sharing on social media, and with flowers and floral décor being such a visual medium, it creates a chance for businesses and events to market their products or space by creating a smart social media campaign, that will engage young professionals.

Millenials have grown up sharing their likes and dislikes across many social media channels, this means you can target your campaign to reach that wide audience. Many millenials are also very aware of what is going on in the world, and like to be mindful about what they buy. They are more likely to buy faux flowers, if they know that they don’t leave a huge carbon footprint, and can be recycled. They also like to buy locally, so when you build a marketing campaign using environmentally friendly floral décor, you can use this to your advantage, and share your values as well as your promotions.

Artificial flowers are a great way to decorate a home, event or commercial business, they create interest, and drive footfall to your store, and have the added extra of being highly visual which makes for great shareable pictures for Instagram etc. If you use flowers to decorate your business or event, it means that you are guaranteed free marketing by using 

shareable visual images.

Key Flower Trends with Millenials

The environment and how to care for it and live sustainably are ides that a lot of millenials view as important; this is reflected by floral themes that are popular with millennial customers. 


Hanging greenery such as green walls and hanging gardens and even hanging floral ceilingsare on trend for young, urban professionals. They can fit into any space, making even the smallest wall, or room an urban garden, and can be moved and rehung, ideal for people who move about, or for businesses that want to reuse their faux greenery. Artificial greenery can also be customised, so if you want to change you green wall up by adding tropical flowers, you can do this easily and inexpensively by using high quality BloomsArt faux greenery and flowers.


Earthy, neutral palettes in monochrome tones have become popular this year with millenials. This includes taupe, magnolia, wheat, beige and shades of grey, popularised by Mrs Hinch, who is the perfect example of a an influencer marketer. Influencers have a role to play in dictating trends, and popularising styles or even places. Another reason why using great faux florals to decorate your business, also becomes a way to market your business, not only for passing custom, but online.

Bold, Blue Design: 

Pantone’s 2020 Colour of the Year was classic blue, which can be seen in home and commercial design as well as in online advertising campaigns. Blue is associated with trust, reliability and calm, which can be seen as especially important this year. Many companies use blue in their branding and interior décor as it exudes respectability, reliability but also spirituality.

Feminine with a Twist:

 Millennial consumers are still buying pretty feminine flowers such as roses, orchids, primroses, tulips, lilies and lilacs, but they are using them in a way that looks modern. This can include, pairing a pale, pink rose with a brightly coloured flower for contrast, or by blending them with neutral colours for a subtle effect. Delicate flowers can also be displayed in different ways, so rather than putting roses in a glass vase, faux roses can be hung from a ceiling for a truly eye catching look, that will look great on social media. 

Cherry Blossom: 

Cherry Blossom made from fake flowers is also enjoying resurgence, as they look visually stunning, and are very easy to install with minimum aftercare needed.

Using Floral Décor from other Countries: 

With so much of the world in lockdown this year, people are not able to travel as much and are spending more time at home. This means a lot of people are choosing to spend their money on local businesses and in updating their homes. A key trend this year has been using flower decorating ideas from other countries to create interesting interior décor. This could mean transforming a café with a Moroccan theme, or using Hygge chic at home. BloomsArt are able to design and install flowers to suit any style and culture.


Metallics have been seen a lot this year in fashion and in interior design, so consider pairing your flowers with metallic vases, or for a simple style, add faux flowers to a simple, beater metal beaker. 

Window boxes filled with faux flowers:  

With travel so limited in 2020 a lot of people are investing in their homes instead, and window boxes filled with real looking faux flowers is a great way to brighten up a home or business, while getting instant kerb appeal.

Faux Flowers

 can be used for interior and exterior décor, they can be used to market any business and they can be used in more creative ways to engage with customers and create an unusual, social media friendly experience. If you are using BloomsArt’s recycled, recyclable faux flowers, then let people know that you are using sustainable products. Millenials are socially conscious, and place a high value on things that are not harmful to the planet. If you are buying environmentally friendly faux flowers, then advertise it. Millenials are one of the world’s biggest buying groups, so think of them as potential customers, and tailor your décor and marketing to the millennial market. 

With great floral décor and a strong social media campaign, you can see your business bloom. Contact BloomsArt to see how they can help you create floral décor for millenials.