29th April

Decorating a Residential Area With Silk Floral Installations

When people think about revamping their home, they tend to think of paint or new furniture, but faux plants are an environmentally friendly, budget conscious way to refurbish your home.  

Flower installations are a fantastic way to make any home come alive. They can be used to add a pop odd a pop of colour and contrast with an exisisting scheme and to create a large or small installations for indoor or outdoor

 Floral installations can be used in flats and houses, or to decorate balconies and gardens. It is not just a matter of arranging flowers in vases or pots, but designing and installing creative, stylish pieces made from flowers. Floral décor is a great way to decorate your house if you have it on the housing market, as it is a relatively inexpensive, and easy to care for way to change your interior decoration.

High quality artificial flowers are a simple way to make your home look and feel like a space you would enjoy spending time in. You can use natural colours such as pale green, oatmeal and primrose coloured flowers for a gentle yet stylish look, or use bright primary coloured faux plants for a really eye catching floral design. Think of flowers as a way to express your self and your own individual style, or they can be used to tie a design scheme together.


Floral installations for the home can be as simple as having vases filled with colourful blooms, or as complicated as a ceiling dripping with hanging flowers, or a large greenery wall. Their use is only limited by the space you have and by your budget.

Installations made from artificial flowers and plants are long lasting, need very little care and are a lot less expensive than using fresh flowers. Your floral installation can be updated with different flowers, customised with other materials such as ribbons, glassware and elements from nature such as grasses, dried flowers and pottery and wooden decorations. Floral installations can be designed to for certain seasons such as Christmas or for a special event, and they can be moved and reused if you move home, or want to move your flowers to another room.

 When you start to use flowers in your interior decoration, you have an almost limitless colour palette to work with, as well as different heights, and textures of plants. Flowers can change the mood of a room, and provide seasonality, style and colour to any home.

If you choose to create large casual bouquets of flowers, you can change it up by using interesting vases or pots that either fit in with your home décor or contrast with the existing decoration in the room. You can use antique pitchers, silver bowls or vintage creamers, as well as the classic glass vase. Faux greenery can even be mixed with fresh flowers. Another tip is to create floral installations using different types of flower in the same colour, it makes for an attractive floral grouping that looks chic and interesting. Floral décor can be as simple or complicated as you want it to be.