6th November

Creative Christmas Decoration Ideas Using Faux Plants

Festive decorating tips with fake flowers

Christmas is just around the corner, so its time to apply some creative thinking to your usual festive décor. Flowers and plants are a fantastic way to make an impact with your Christmas Décor, but they can wilt, fade or die before the festive period has even got started. This is why high-quality faux plants and fake flowers are a great alternative to fresh flowers for Xmas decorations. BloomsArt has some Christmas decorating tips to help you get started using artificial flowers in your festive décor.

  • Traditional Christmas: Why not combine fir branches with faux holly and ivy for a Christmas wreath, and choose some bright white and red flowers to mix among that green for a vintage look. To make your Nordic Christmas display stand out even more, why not mix some small trinkets and toys in among the foliage. We like using small nutcracker soldiers and miniature sledge Christmas decorations for an old-fashioned but with an edgy feel.
  • Nordic Christmas: Instead of using red, green and white, try a more Scandinavian inspired colour scheme, using frosty blue and icy white and silver coloured fake flowers. Channel your inner ice princess and mix different shades of white, play around with cold and warm hues. Just don’t forget to drape your room in fur throws to really complement the snow queen look this Christmas.
  • Futuristic Christmas: If you love glitter and glamour then a futuristic, metallic Christmas décor may be ideal for you. Use gold and silver coloured fake plants, and if you can’t buy them that way, spray them yourself. Blend your glittering, sumptuous branches and foliage with sparkly Christmas lights, or even add a dramatic touch by mixing in black or dark blue or navy coloured fake flowers.
  • White Christmas: If you love the crisp white of new snow, then why not try out a pure white Christmas colour scheme? Use artificial white flowers such as blooming roses and mix them with foliage or branches that have been sprayed white. Another trend this Christmas is to use matt white bulbs instead of the usual Christmas lights, these can be placed among the faux flowers. If you want to create an interesting Xmas decoration for a table, then place them in glass vases along with delicate tiny glass figurines. It is a modern twist on the traditional snow globe.
  • Beach Christmas: If the beach is your favourite place, then why not style your festive décor like a hot, Australian Christmas with seaside styling. Use net or jute rope and seashells as décor, mixed with fake flowers in your chosen colour scheme. This could be red and green, to add a traditional edge, or you could use pale blues and yellows mixed in with sea foam white for a delicate look.
  • Traditional Christmas with a 2018 Twist: Mix green artificial foliage and fir cones with natural coloured wooden Christmas ornaments and fake red berries. If you want to use fairy lights, the trend this Christmas is to have them in muted, matte colours. Tartan ribbons can be styled into bows on parts of the faux foliage or tie some bows in with fake holly branches, for a subtle, naturalistic look this year.
  • Farmhouse Style Christmas: If you want to replicate a farmhouse Christmas even if you live in central London, use faux fir branches in different sizes and shapes. They can be twisted into Christmas wreaths and hung on your door, or curled around bannisters or paced above your fireplace. Blend them with elements that are inspired by the natural world such as gorgeous artificial flowers in muted colours, some red items such as faux holly berries or poinsettias, or even some red Christmas figurines. Wooden star decorations look perfect for Christmas farmhouse décor, and if you want a change from red, you could substitute blue and white checked ribbons for a pretty, country look.

Christmas is a special time for everyone, and even if you are not religious, it can be a nice time of year to relax with friends at home. If you spend a little time on planning your Christmas decor this year, you can make the perfect environment to enjoy the holidays, welcome friends and family for dinner and drinks. If you want any more tips on how to decorate your home this Christmas or want to order professional fake floral Christmas décor, then please contact us at BloomsArt, we are always willing to help on any floral projects made with high-quality artificial flowers.

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