15th November

Christmas Garland Tips

Christmas this year may be slightly smaller affair this year due to the pandemic and travel restrictions, but this means it is even more important to keep the holiday spirit by decorating with seasonal Christmas garlands.

BloomsArt has a range of Christmas garlands made from high-quality faux greenery made from recycled, recyclable materials

If 2020 is not going to plan, then hanging up cheerful Christmas decorations such as festive garlands is a sure-fire way to make you and anyone who comes into your space feel happier. Christmas décor evokes feelings of nostalgia for childhood and uncomplicated happiness, which can be a balm for these confusing times.

If you've been thinking about decorating your business or home with a Christmas garland, you are in good company according to 

Pinterest’s Holiday 2020 report, searches for "holiday-themed door decorations" are up by 125% compared to this time in 2019.

This is because people are looking for things that make them feel happy and hearken back to less complicated times.

Christmas garlands can be created from any artificial flower or greenery, or a combination of the two. They make a warm, welcoming festive addition to any home or business as they can be draped around windows and doors, on mantelpieces, and twisting around banisters for an instant festive feel.

As BloomsArt’s festive garlands are made from artificial plants, they are safe to use outside, as they do not wilt, fade or need watering, unlike fresh plants. This makes them perfect for decorating businesses for Christmas, or for decorating outdoor spaces at home, such as garden arches, doors, and gates.

Our garlands can also be decorated with lights for a romantic look, which can then be wound along a tabletop for a cute Christmas dinner decoration. Just use a runner underneath to avoid scratching your table. A simple, monochromatic garland works well and it can then be decorated with pinecones, berries, bows or small Christmas ornaments.

There are many options to choose from when picking a colour scheme, depending on if you want to make a bold or subtle statement. A simple way to choose a colour for your garland is to pair it with the colours used in your tree decorations, and then decorate your mantelpiece and staircase with Xmas garlands.

"When you plan on using a festive garland, think of what atmosphere you want to create by using plants creatively"

You can choose a traditional wreath made from greenery and decorate it with metallic balls and shiny ribbons, or choose a Christmas wreath made from flowers in your favorite colour. If you have a particular colour scheme in your home, or in your company branding then you can create a festive garland in matching or contrasting colours. If you prefer a minimal look then just have a garland made in one or two colours. The garlands do not need to be made from faux greenery, they can be made from artificial flowers, whether that is a traditional Christmas bloom such as a Poinsettia or from white or red roses. When you use artificial plants and flowers for interior and exterior décor, you do not have to be stuck using seasonal plants, you can even enjoy a tropical Christmas with a garland made from brightly coloured exotic flowers.