14th August

Cherry Blossom Installations

Create Instagram friendly décor with Cherry Blossom

Cherry blossoms,

 known as sakura in Japan are associated with spring, and play an integral part in Japanese art and culture. It’s delicate pink and white frothy blossoms signify the beauty and fragility of life, as the flowers wither at the end of spring. 

This fleeting moment of beauty represents the concept of mortality and making the most of every moment and ties into the idea of mindfulness that is so important for enjoying fully every aspect of life. They also represent love and affection so can be a beautiful gift for someone you care about.

If you want to incorporate cherry blossom into your interior décor, whether it is for your home or a commercial property, then artificial cherry blossom is a great way to enjoy fragile cherry blossom flowers all year round.

They are a stylish ways to decorate any space for a restaurant, boutique, hotel, beauty salon, or private residence:

simple branches laden with cherry blossom to place in tall vases for elegant table decorations, or to place around your home or business

can be used in a more masculine interior if paired with dark or neutral colours, and little ornate decoration

can be fashioned into decorative wreaths and hung from doors or even used to decorate chandeliers for a special event such as a wedding.

can combine our fake flowers with neon lights for a really Instagram friendly look that will make any event stand out.

Faux cherry blossom branches and flowers are a cost effective way of incorporating the fragility and beauty of cherry blossom into your business or home, without having the plants wilt away at the end of spring.

Cheery blossom trees can be sued for exterior and interior spaces. They have come a popular way to decorate larger spaces and are more convenient for commercial businesses as cherry trees cannot be grown indoors and their blossoms do not last for long as they only bloom for 1 -2 weeks out of every year.

BloomsArt cherry blossom is made from recycled, recyclable materials that replicate the look of real flowers perfectly, it is hard to tell the difference when they are put alongside fresh cherry blossoms.

High-end faux cherry blossom can also be customised to fit any space, or to be blended with other types of foliage or flower. We can deign, create and install small and large cherry blossom installations including cherry blossom walls, cherry blossom ceilings as well as cherry blossom arches and trees.