19th December

Artificial Topiary Animals for the Garden

Faux Greenery Garden Animals

Modern faux greenery is realistic looking and easy to look after and manufactured to copy the texture and colour of the types of greenery you would see in nature. The kind of artificial greenery and flowers that can be found at BloomsArt is hyper-realistic and can be used to decorate any home or even garden.

A trend that we have been seeing a lot of recently, is for artificial topiary animals made from faux greenery. Professional florists who work with fake flowers and greenery are being asked to make fun, eye-catching garden animals from high-quality artificial greenery because it is a cost-effective, easy to care for way to enjoy some garden décor.

Embrace Your Wild Side with Artificial Topiary Animals

Animal topiary until recently was only seen in the gardens of historical buildings, or in the movie The Shining! They were traditionally shaped into lions, birds and dogs but now diverse animals such as dragons, elephants and giraffes have become popular. Even shapes such as rocket ships, boats and faces, if you can picture it, it can probably be made from artificial greenery. And, they are no longer the preserve of stately homes, as people are now using them in their gardens. Making them from real greenery is both expensive and hard to do. They need a lot of artistry and gardening skills, which not everyone has the time or money to take up.

Topiary animals made from faux greenery takes away the need for constant watering and trimming, and can be designed according to your requirements by our skilled team of floral designers in London.

We can create beautiful animals for any garden or space from high-quality faux greenery. They are made from man-made materials that are lightweight and easy to transport and care for. Our faux greenery animals are perfect for adding to a child’s garden corner, or even for adding an original feature to décor for an event, party or even a wedding. Imagine two graceful swans, the symbol of romance welcoming guests to your garden wedding. BloomsArt’s floral designers can even make tiny animals such as hedgehogs and squirrels to be a feature point of a small garden, patio or even a balcony. They can be used in interior design too, and are popular with pet owners as a way of expressing their love for that particular breed of animal.

No Mess Garden Animals

Our fake greenery animals are made from a sturdy wire frame, and everlasting greenery, meaning there is no mess or dropped twigs or leaves. They are portable so they can be moved around easily, even if they are moved from your garden to another location. They are a novel way to decorate your garden for special occasions such as Christmas, Easter, and Halloween or even for a birthday celebration. We can even design them with potholders so that they can be decorated with fresh or fake flowers, for a bright, colourful look. Gardens could be decorated with fake greenery flamingos that are decorated with bright pink flowers or dragons for the Game of Thrones fan in your life. With our faux plants you can enjoy a pop of green all year round.

BloomsArt can design and make custom garden animals from faux greenery. Just call us for a free quote for great greenery.