16th May

How To Create Artificial Tree Yourself

Step 1.

Choose what type of tree you want to create ( magnolia or willow tree are the best). Gather artificial foliage, flowers and fruit that will correspond with your tree. Consider Foliadge with the long stalks  

Step 2.

Get the best middle part of the tree - need to be straight and thick enough . Decide how tall you want your tree to be. Cut the rest 

Step 3.

Set your tree in the pot. To add height in a large pot, add rocks to the bottom. Fill it with any garden fillers.

Step 4.

Decorate your tree container. Cover tree base with artificial moss, greenery or stones 

Step 5.

Apply the foliage. Attached with cable tires individual stalks with branches and leaves on tips of twigs and branches to create a more genuine look. Fill space between branches by hot-gluing strands at intermittent points, letting the foliage drape in between. 

Step 6.

Glue on any embellishments. Hide a few fruit or flowers in the thicker foliage. Keep most of the flowering to the outer perimeter of your indoor artificial tree.