26th May

All You Need to Know About Faux Flowers

Different Types of Faux Flower

Faux flowers get a lot of stick, with people associating them with dusty, obviously fake flowers. In the past when they were made from cheap plastic and had gaudy colours they did look fake, but

BloomsArt’s faux flowers are made from modern materials so they look indistinguishable from fresh flowers.

High-end fake flowers can be made from a variety of materials including paper, silk, plastic, foam and latex.

Latex Flowers

Fake flowers made from latex are made from moulds of real flowers, so they capture every detail of a plant. Latex itself derives from plants and is more malleable than plastic. It also means that latex holds colour really well, so you can decorate your home with brilliant coloured blooms.

Foam Flowers

Foam flowers are cheap and cheerful but they are not fooling anyone, as they look very fake. They are more of a floral representation than a copy of a flower. So they are more likely to be used in an ironic way or to decorate a kid’s event, like a birthday party.

Silk Flowers

Silk flowers are natural looking and hold colour well so they are popular for wedding flowers. They can be expensive if they are made from pure silk, but there are cheaper poly-silk flowers on the market, that look the same but cost far less.

Silk is also rather delicate, and the edges of silk petals can get frayed leaving your faux flowers with a tattered look, which is a giveaway that they are fake.

Plastic Flowers

Plastic flowers are mass-produced by moulding and dying polyester. They are cheap to buy but do not look realistic. They are a budget conscious way to decorate an out of the way space, where people cannot inspect them too closely.

Paper Flowers

Paper flowers are made from crepe paper or tissue to resemble delicate flowers such as peonies, daisies and roses.

They can be bought in shops but creative people can make them at home. They don’t look true to life but they have a charm of their own. Paper flowers make for nice decorations or gifts and they can be made to create an unusual, whimsical bouquet for a wedding.

Faux flowers as you can see can be made from a variety of materials, and to suit all budgets. Before you invest in faux flowers, it may be wise to think about where you are displaying them so you know what type to buy. If the fake flowers are for a wedding or to be displayed in a prominent place, BloomsArt would always advise investing in silk or latex flowers, as they look more realistic, and last a lot longer. If you want to buy or rent fake flowers in London, or in France, Spain or California, contact BloomsArt