30th July

Using Artificial Flowers Outdoors?

Using Faux Flowers in Your Garden or Window Box

Everyone enjoys beautiful plants and flowers, but not everybody has room for fresh flowers or time to grow them before a special event in your garden. If you want to green your environment quickly then BloomsArt artificial flowers are the perfect tool for pimping up your garden.

High-quality faux flowers from our London artificial plant shop are hyper-realistic looking, and are great value for money as they don’t fade, wilt or need looking after, apart from a light dusting from time to time.

Artificial flowers last for many years and need no soil or fertiliser, compared to beautiful but costly fresh flowers.

The British weather can be variable, from the heatwave of Summer 2018 leading to droughts across the country or cold snaps where plants freeze in the ground. BloomsArt flowers and greenery can withstand all types of weather, from snow to rain to scorching sunshine. There is no need to worry about the water ban, when you use faux flowers in your garden, as they are a great alternative to fresh flowers.

When you use fake flowers in your garden, terrace or window box it allows you to pick your favourite flowers at any time of the year, irrespective of the season.

Our many reviews from companies and individuals across London are proof positive that beautiful floral displays outside can be created throughout the year to brighten up any environment.

Mixing Fake Flowers with Fresh Flowers in Your Garden

every few months, so that they appear seasonal, we can guarantee that nobody will be able to tell the difference. Another trick to adding fake flowers to any garden is to play around with different textures and silk flowers are fantastically lifelike. We suggest mixing real plants and bushes among the faux flowers to real fool onlookers. If you want seasonal flowers, without having to plant and water them, then be sure to change your real touch flowers if you want to add some colourful artificial flowers to your garden plants, without alerting your neighbours, then our vertical greenery and fake flower walls, these look amazing when made from deluxe artificial flowers. Our Chelsea flower shop can advise you on how to create one, or we can design and make one for you: perfect for a special event in your garden. Flower walls give any wedding or party that celebrity touch and make a great focal point for your instagrammable images. heights, and to use various shades of greenery in your display. Use plants that are local to your area, and mix them with ferns and grasses. This means you actually save money compared to buying annuals every year, as BloomsArt silk flowers can be used over and over again. Weeding is a cinch too, as you just need to take out the fake flowers, weed the area of the garden, then pop the faux flowers back in place. If you love the look of flowers but want stress free garden plants, try real touch artificial plants.