2nd October

Trends in Christmas Flowers 2019

Christmas Flower Fashions for 2019

Christmas is seen by most people as a time for getting together with family and friends at home and celebrating with good food and drinks. If you are hosting Christmas this year them you will want your home to look as festive as possible. Floral Christmas décor from BloomsArt adds seasonal elegance to any home or business, and this guide will show you all the floral trends for Christmas 2019 so that you can decorate any space with artfully elegant faux flowers.

If you are a retailer, then you will want to create a festive experience for all your customers as they shop for gifts, or enjoy lunches and dinners out during the holidays.

"Beautiful displays made from flowers will entice passing customers to have a look at what is inside, and if you have a café or restaurant, interesting flower displays are instantly Instagrammable, giving your business free, organic advertising"

Curated Ideas for Christmas Faux Flowers

1. Au Natural

This year the environment has been big news everywhere with motivated, educated young climate activists making headline news. If you care about the environment and like to recycle and reuse objects and use natural colours then Christmas 2019 brings in touches of nature into its design palette. Dried flowers are big news this year, as they are cost-effective, environmentally friendly and are a great way to reduce waste while creating something beautiful. They can be blended with seasonal pinecones, holly and branches for a contemporary look. If you combine this with using a real Christmas tree that can be replanted after the holiday season and wooden Christmas decorations and candle holders, you can have yourself a merry little Christmas with as little waste as possible.

2. Underwater Christmas

Following on from the natural theme, sea-like colours such as blues and greens were seen all over the Chelsea Flower Show this year. This trend has carried on for Christmas with floral décor using flowers in aquamarine, cerulean blue and bottle green. The sea like hues can be the overarching theme, or they can be contrasted with bright pops of primary colour, or gold, silver or even copper for a deluxe look.

3. Embrace the Sensual

This Christmas treat all the senses by playing around with textures, smells and colours. BloomsArt can create wonderfully textual displays made from artificial flowers and plants that can be combined with spray on scents, beautifully scented candles, branches to add height and structure to any festive display of flowers.

4. Earthy Elements

Rustic inspired flowers are in for Christmas 2019, with a blend of soft neutral tones interspersed with warm, rich colours such as plum, burgundy, terracotta, mustard and burnt umber. Create festive décor using dried flowers, wood, dried citrus and even elements of stone or soft materials such as silk or wool, for a gorgeous serene effect. If you want to use faux flowers think of roses, hortensia, baby’s breath, holly and rich waxen magnolia blooms.

5. Cabana Christmas

This fun festive theme reflects the idea of a tropical Christmas, so think bright colours, orchids, driftwood and the current trend of birds and animals made from fake flowers. This look is perfect for a retail environment as it is whimsical, fun and will surely attract attention. Decorate Christmas trees with tropical foliage and botanical blooms in hot coral, bright blue and pink to create a warm, welcoming effect. You can use fake flowers such as lilies, orchids and palms as well as seashells, cedar, and bright strings of lights for a totally tropical Christmas.

6. Christmas Décor For for an Ice Queen

Play around with the visual elements of ice covered winter forests with this look. Use blue-green evergreen branches blended with artificial snow-white flowers for a seamless natural style. Think of using flowers and plants in sage and lichen green, mixed with Champagne white, ice blue and silver for a chic take on Christmas décor. This can be styled with natural items such as pinecones and branches or you can use peacock feathers and fur throws for a sumptuous Snow Queen inspired look. Think of using poinsettias, juniper, silver fir, light blue delphiniums, snowdrops and crystal and pearl ornaments.

7. Hygge Christmas

Following on from 2018’s Nordic Christmas this year BloomsArt are inspired by Danish Hygge and Dutch Gezellig to create a warm, cosy Christmas display of fake flowers and dried plants. These two movements are all about well-being and simple pleasures, spent with friends and family. We like to use faux flowers in warm hues such as cranberry red, soft gold, light blush and matte white for a gentle look. This style uses different tactile textures including dyed pampas grass for a fringy frond addition to your Christmas décor. Also soft yarns, primary coloured felt and simply painted blue and white crockery for a Northern European inspired cosy Christmas. Use artificial hortensias, lilies and poinsettias as well as bells, pinecones and wooden or paper Christmas decorations in deer and star shapes for a very hygge Christmas.

If you feel inspired to decorate your home or business with BloomsArt’s high end faux flowers, please contact us to see how we can help bring Christmas style to any space.