8th May

The Pros & Cons of Artificial Green Walls

How to Choose Between a Plant Wall Made from Fake Plants or Real Ones

A BloomsArt green wall is an on-trend way to bring nature indoors or to decorate a small outdoor space.

Vertical gardens are very hip with modern designers as they allow for people who don’t have much space to have the feeling of having a garden. But how do you make the choice between having a green wall made from artificial plants or from real plants? We take a deep dive into the question so we can explain the pros and cons of artificial green walls.

The Pros of a Green Wall Made from Fake Plants

  • Easy to Care for and Maintain: Artificial green walls do not need sunlight or water, and you don’t need to be a gardener to look after them. There is no need for expensive irrigation systems or hiring a gardener to care for the fake green wall. As they don’t need special lighting, they can be put in shady corners of a garden or terrace, and still, look fabulous. When you go on holiday or take a couple of days off, these faux green walls need no extra care.

  • Can be Put Anywhere: As they do not need sunlight they can literally be placed anywhere. They are comprised of separate panels, which can be disassembled and moved wherever you want. So if you want to jazz up an indoor space with a texturally interesting green wall made from fake plants, our green walls are ideal. With faux plants you do not need to worry about leaves wilting or dropping, our green walls keep their perfection all year round. They can also be placed in spaces that are hard to reach, so no need for extra long ladders just to water them.

  • They are Cost Effective: The cost of designing, making and fitting an artificial green wall is significantly less than if it were made from fresh plants. There are also no hidden costs in having to hire someone to take care of the plants. So the initial cost is the only cost that you will incur. Artificial green walls can be moved about, and they can be customised, so if you want to change the design to fit the season or a special event, BloomsArt can help with this.

  • No Bugs: Unlike green walls made from fresh greenery, you do not have to worry about the risk of bugs. This is ideal if you want to have a green wall in an environment where there is food being served, or if the green wall is decorating an inside space.

  • No Waiting Time: When you buy a green wall made from real plants you often have to wait for the plants to grow, or run the risk of plants growing unevenly, which spoils the look of the greenery wall. BloomsArt faux greenery walls are ready to be displayed as soon as they are installed.

  • They Can Be Made From Various Types of Fake Greenery: Our artificial greenery and plants is designed to look like an exact copy of real flowers, this means that whatever plant you want to replicate in your green wall, BloomsArt are likely to be able to create a stunning piece of vertical greenery from your favourite plants. They look virtually indistinguishable from the real thing unless you look really closely, so are the perfect form of urban greening.

  • Faux Green Walls are Flame Resistant: Greenery made from modern materials is flame resistant, and UV resistant, meaning they are safe to install in any environment.

The Cons of Artificial Green Walls

They Do Not Produce Oxygen: As opposed to fresh plants, faux greenery produces no oxygen and does not filter toxins from the air.

  • If you Use Cheap Plants They Can Look Fake: If you try and cut costs by using cheaper plants to make your greenery wall, they can end up looking very fake. BloomsArt only uses the most cutting edge faux plants so our green walls always look real to touch.

There are more pros than cons with artificial green walls, but if you are unsure, take a look at our videos and portfolio to see how realistic our faux green walls look. If you feel that a fake green wall may be something that you would like to introduce urban greening into your environment, contact us at BloomsArt to see how we can decorate your space with a chic green wall.