6th February

The Greenery Trend in Interior Décor

The Greenery Trend in Interior Décor

BloomsArt Artificial Greenery

It may be winter in London, but the trend in using artificial greenery for interior décor can be seen more than ever as savvy interior decorators see the possibilities of styling homes and businesses with faux greenery from BloomsArt.

Biophilic design is the art of bringing plants into interiors, whether it is a home, restaurant, hotel, waiting room, office or retail shop.

When people are surrounded by greenery, it has been shown to lower stress levels and improve creativity and even cognitive function. This applies even when artificial plants are used to decorate a space. This has led to an increase in demand for interior decorators that can work with plants to create stylish, eco-friendly interiors. It explains why you may have seen more green walls, flower walls, plant-filled ceilings, and potted plants in domestic and business interiors as well as at events such as weddings and parties. In addition with the environment on people's minds so much, it is no surprise that there is a new back to nature aspect to interior design.

If you don’t have the time or money to decorate with real plants, silk flowers, and greenery or dried flowers are a great, budget-conscious way to fill space with plants. They are ideal for people who are not blessed with a green thumb as they involve no watering, pruning or much aftercare apart from the odd wipe down with a damp cloth. This makes them a fantastic alternative to fresh flowers for businesses, as they can be just designed, installed and left to look fabulous.

How to introduce greenery into interiors?

Artificial greenery in rooms and interior spaces can be used in a variety of ways. Let BloomsArt show you how.

1. Fill Unused Spaces or Angles.

Most spaces have some corners that are too small or thin for furniture but look great when filled with faux plants. They can add texture and height to a forgotten nook, and will also bring together the rest of the interior design, as faux plants can be used to complement or contrast the rest of the interior decoration. They will also make your space look bigger, and are a clever way to use every space in a room.

2. Hanging Pots.

If the space that you have to work with is limited but you still want to enjoy interior flowers, then hanging pots filled with faux greenery are an on-trend way to decorate interiors with plants. No longer are hanging flowerpots a relic of the 1970s; they are an alternative to plant pots if you have limited space. Hanging pots are a way to decorate nooks and crannies, and add a pop of colour to any space. Just keep in mind the overall theme when you pick the pots and fake greenery.

3. Green Walls.

If you have a larger space to decorate or really need the wow factor, then covering an entire wall in greenery can be an interesting, chic option. Green walls create a focal point for any space and are the perfect backdrop for special events, and of course, they have the Instagram effect, where everybody will want to take a picture and share it on their social media channels, great for a business. If you prefer flowers, then you can design and create a flower wall instead, which can be made with any colour or type of faux flower, to suit your colour scheme. Green walls and flower walls are a creative solution for undeveloped interior space, and if they are made with artificial plants, they are far cheaper than using fresh plants.

4. Table decoration.

For interior decoration, especially tables, both large and small, faux flowers in vases and pots can be a cheap, easy way to tie a design together and create a welcoming atmosphere. They can be created with flowers in the same colour as your overall scheme or in contrasting colours.

5. Create a Green Partition.

If you have to decorate a large space, that is too large, then a green partition is an interesting way to create internal partitions. Large spaces can lack intimacy, and privacy, so if you use either a greenery wall, or decorate a partition with faux plants, it can instantly make a space feel more relaxed, and isolate an area so that it can be used for specific reasons, such as a quiet workplace or a waiting area, or even a chill-out zone for employees. Instead of the expense and inconvenience of building work, consider using a green partition to create smaller spaces in a large area.

6. Decorate Corridors

Everyone uses corridors, but apart from that, they are dead space. Why not revive them by using artificial greenery or flowers to make them more interesting and inviting? It is a good way to carry on a design theme throughout a building and make the property look more welcoming for visitors. You can even design and create a stunning hanging flower ceiling to make your corridor create a real impact.

7. Winter Garden.

If you have an interior courtyard why not turn it into an enchanting winter garden. If you use faux plants, there dies not even need to be natural sunlight as you can use artificial lighting to highlight elements of your greenery. You can create a wintry garden with blue, green, white and silver flowers and plants, or even a tropical garden in the middle of the coldest months, as BloomsArt’s faux flowers and plants do not need watering. It is a lovely way to turn an unused space into a winter oasis.

If you need help using greenery in your interiors, BloomsArt will be more than happy to help you with floral design, décor, and installation. Contact us to help you utilise the greenery trend in interior décor.