17th March

Silk Flowers in Commercial Decor

Creative, Commercial Flowers for Hire

At our Chelsea artificial flower business: BloomsArt we have a clear MISSION

We WANT to design and create beautiful, creative floral displays using high-quality silk flowers that last and last.

London is a fast moving, hip city with many business and artistic centres, whether you are planning a corporate event or an exclusive private party in London, BloomsArt can help make your event completely memorable with our funky fake flowers.

We offer BESPOKE design based on your individual requirements, and offer a range of vases to match the environment as well as various types of flowers to suit your occasion, be it a tropical themed fashion party or an all-white themed conference or a sumptuous gala dinner, BloomsArt can always MAKE your event pop with colour. Our floral designers use high-end silk flowers that look natural yet don’t cost the earth, like fresh blooms.

We USE our natural touch fake flowers to create stunning floral centrepieces for the table as well as floral chandeliers. If you want a more natural look, we can provide trend setting flower walls and arches to bring nature indoors, whatever the occasion. Our creative florists will always work with any event planners or organisers to ensure that we convey your message through thoughtful, creative floral styling.

At BloomsArt we BELIEVE that creating flower displays for the office, or hotels and restaurants, as well as special events, is a real art. We interpret our customer’s corporate message with our high quality, everlasting fake flowers so that your clients and guests are sure to be delighted. At BloomsArt we are lucky to have worked with some of London’s top businesses in some truly stunning locations from Bloomsbury to Chelsea and Kensington.

Artificial Flowers For Special Events

We have DECORATED venues for fashion shows, product launches as well as seasonal parties and award ceremonies and we truly believe that we have the flower and design acumen to make any event special.

We KNOW that a corporate event may have certain goals or objectives, and we pride ourselves on tailoring our flower displays to help showcase your event and help communicate your message to colleagues and clients. Be it a simple display of seasonal blooms in simple glass vases, or something more contemporary with anthracite grey or matt black bottles filled with orchids, we can design your event environment.

Floral Decor to Rent in London

We OFFER flowers for rent too for large events to add glamour and luxurious hospitality to any occasion. When it comes to designing and constructing jaw-dropping floral arrangements, BloomsArt has vast experience and knowledge in the design, planning and organisation involved. Our bespoke floral designs and backdrops using luxury silk flowers are both stunning to look at and highly cost-effective compared to the price of creating a similar display using fresh flowers.

Our fake flowers also do not need watered or pruned and last for as long as you need them. So whether you plan on buying silk flowers for your business or event, or want to rent a flower display that will really impress your guests, give us a call: BloomsArt: see how we can help make your corporate event stand out from the rest.