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  • 30th July

    Now Trending: Floral Décor Made from Pampas Grass

    Now Trending: Floral Décor Made from Pampas Grass

    Add Height and Texture with Pampas Grass

    Pampas grass makes a stylish statement in floral arrangements as it adds texture and height to any space. The tall, feathery plumes add a touch of bohemian romanticism to a room, whether it is at home or in a commercial property such as a hotel or restaurant.

    Pampas grass in interior design is really trending right as it can be placed in many different ways to decorate a space and create a light, delicate atmosphere. The feathery, flowing plant has an interesting texture that is perfect for making a statement or even for an interesting accent effect.

    While Pampas grass in its natural environment can grow really tall, when it is cut down it can be used to fill any space with its feathery fronds. BloomsArt has created a list of just some of the ways in which they use the wheaten hued grass to create chic floral décor.

    1. Use it as a stylish accent piece

    Just one stalk of fluffy pampas grass can be used as an accent piece in any room. Its natural colour allows it to blend in with any colour scheme or décor. Because it has such strong texture, you can get away with using just one or two stalks of pampas grass to create an interesting effect.

    2. Play around with different colours

    Pampas grass can be dyed easily if you want to experiment with using different colours in your floral decoration. The natural beige tones can also be mixed with other faux flowers to make interesting décor for your home or workspace. Because pampas grass lasts for a very long time, it allows for a long-lasting plant arrangement.

    3. Keep it Minimal

    When decorating with pampas grass the most important rule is to keep your flower design simple. Just three stems of grass in a tall vase can create a memorable visual impression. It doesn’t need to be mixed with other plants unless you specifically want a mixed floral effect. They are perfect for emphasising a neutral palette, but can also be used to accent a brightly coloured wall.

    4. Mix with Natural Textures

    Pampas grass looks very beautiful when blended with other natural textures. Together they can create an inviting atmosphere to any space and are ideal for people who enjoy minimalist décor.

    5. Create a Wreath from Pampas Grass

    Pampas grass can be used to decorate a wire or metal frame to make a pretty pampas grass wreath. It gives a nice summery touch to a space, and will look visually very interesting.

    6. Use the Right Vase

    By the careful use of the right vase, you can make pampas grass the focal point of any space. Oversized vases made from a clear material such as glass or Perspex work best as they balance out the tall, fluffy stems. If you want something opaque then rustic vases made from terracotta will complement the natural grace of pampas grass.

    7. Chic Wedding Décor

    Pampas grass has been growing in popularity for decorating weddings, particularly summer weddings. This versatile plant can also be used in wedding bouquets, as well as put in large urns or even used to decorate the aisle. It gives any church a country feel. Pampas grass can also be used to create a romantic arch or even a fluffy chandelier for a barn-dance themed wedding. If you want to make more of a statement with pampas grass it can be used to make a large backdrop, which is lovely for vows to be said or for wedding pictures. The texture of the pampas grass gives it an interesting texture, which comes up really well in photographs, making the backdrop instantly Intagrammable.


    BloomsArt can create stunning flower decorations for any space or event from pampas grass, for sale or for hire. Just get in touch to see how they can help with floral décor made from pampas grass.