25th November

Hanging Greenery Ceilings

Enjoy Lush Greenery with Faux Plants

Of all the recent trends in interior design, hanging greenery on ceilings, doorways, and walls is one of the most interesting concepts that BloomsArt has designed and installed. It can really transform a space into an urban oasis and enhance a visitors experience of your business or event.

Gorgeous rainforest-themed greenery for commercial businesses or even homes has taken London by storm. Businesses such as SUSHISAMBA, the Rainforest Café and the hip new restaurant Amazonico are all known for their lush greenery. Green walls are already a big hit for interior design, as they allow people to enjoy an urban garden even if they do not have a lot of space. BloomsArt is now getting requests for green hanging ceilings, where they design and install gorgeous green plants that drape down from the ceiling, creating a jungle-like canopy overhead.

BloomsArt can decorate any space, large or small with succulent artificial foliage that hangs from the ceiling. They have a huge range of different faux plants and flowers, so can mix them to create a truly eye-catching visual effect that just screams style. They can even tie in your branding or colour scheme with their designs, so if you have colours that are linked to your business or even event, they can be incorporated in your floral ceiling décor.

The hanging plants are easy to look after as they need no watering or pruning, and can be customised if you want to change the design slightly without needing to have a completely new hanging greenery ceiling.

Use Hanging Greenery to Your Advantage

Whether you are decorating for a seasonal event such as Christmas or for a party or show, a hanging installation made from artificial greenery is a great way to add that wow factor. They can also be created with fun additions such as lighting, feathers or other ornaments. You can create a mystical effect with a dramatic hanging garden, where visitors and guests will feel that they are in an otherworldly space, perfect for Instagrammers. By hanging greenery from the ceiling you are making use of empty space that takes your interior decoration to the next level. If you don’t want to decorate inside, you can even have a small hanging garden in your entranceway to attract passing custom. You can just use greenery or have a blend of foliage and flowers such as by having textured greenery at the top of the display with floral accents dotted throughout the length of the décor. This works very well in a window display as you can still see through the hanging garden to whatever goods or decorations you have in your shop window.

Using Vines in an installation

Break up a dull, plain space by hanging faux vines and garlands from the ceiling. The artificial vines can be a statement piece for your event and will make any room look instantly interesting and welcoming. As soon as people see the hanging ceiling they will be intrigued and want to look closer. BloomsArt has been creating beautiful floral décor from high-end greenery and flowers for hotels, restaurants, shops and private homes around the world. Their hanging greenery installations can be used to tie décor together or create a statement piece.

Hiring Floral Professionals

Hanging greenery installations can be hard work, not to say the thought that goes into designing them. If you want to enjoy a hanging ceiling, why not leave it to the professionals, contact BloomsArt to find out how you can enjoy a stunning hanging ceiling installation that will have all your guests talking. Join the jungle trend by using high-quality faux greenery for a floral installation that will be original, beautiful and easy to care for.