1st October

Hanging Flowers for Your Ceiling

Take it From the Top with Floral Ceiling Décor

The latest trend in floral décor using faux flowers is to use them for decorating your ceiling. Hanging flowers add a touch of mystery to any room and will be sure to attract attention from everyone who sees them. BloomsArt’s fake flowers take ceiling décor to a whole new level.

Gorgeous Hanging Flowers

A stunning way to decorate an event or commercial property is to hang artificial flowers from the ceiling.

You can use monochromatic flowers for a chic, sophisticated look; they can even be contrasted with the other décor in the room to create a Mondrian inspired block colour pattern, think using a primary colour palette. If you want a romantic effect then fake flowers can be twined into flowery ropes and hung from the ceiling giving a cute, welcoming look to any space.

Single Flowers Strung from the Ceiling

Another interesting way to make a space interesting is to string up lots of single hanging flowers, with the flower head facing downwards. They look best when hung in rows with even spacing between each bloom. They can be hung above a festive table and colour matched with the table or room décor, or for a free, artistic look, you can hang artificial flowers of the same type in different colours.

Hanging Flower Filled Terrariums

We also devised another interesting way to decorate a ceiling for an event. Pretty small glass terrariums can be filled with faux flowers and hung from the ceiling. They can even be interspersed with candlelit terrariums for a bohemian, rustic look. You can still have the freedom to play around with colour and shape and create something really innovative with flowers. This type of floral styling looks really good when used to decorate a café or restaurant, or a wedding marquee.

Fill Hanging Planters with Faux Flowers

Planters can be filled with trailing faux foliage for a natural, rustic look. You can use plain planters or decorate them you’re your own designs and colours. They can be filled with artificial flowers of one type or you can mix different types of plant for an interesting effect.

Hanging Flowers for any Size of Space

The size and style of the venue plays an important role in what size and type of hanging flowers you can use. The hanging flowers should be in proportion with the space and the colours used should not clash with the décor that is already in place. It is also good to take into account the style of the building or room, as for example if it is a traditionally designed Victorian styled room, then stark, modern flowers and colour schemes may not enhance the space.

Sustainable, Eco-friendly Flowers

As artificial flowers last for an extremely long time, they are a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way of creating decorations with flowers. Fresh flowers are grown in hothouse conditions and then flown into the country and only last for a very short time. High quality BloomsArt artificial flowers are made from fire retardant materials with colours that do not fade so they can be reused over and over again.

Create Drama in a Small Space with a Floral Chandelier

If you don’t have space to cover your whole ceiling with hanging flowers, then a flower chandelier can create a similar effect. We can create beautiful floral displays with our silk flowers in London that will turn any ceiling into an interesting, tailor-made focal point for your room. The chandelier made from flowers can also be decorated with silken materials for a romantic, draped look, or even given different textures with the use of coloured beads in addition to the faux flowers.

If you want to embrace the new trend of hanging flowers, contact BloomsArt in Chelsea to see how they can help design and install a stunning floral decoration for your ceiling. They make any space feel special, so are perfect for decorating weddings and parties as well as commercial spaces. Make your space instantly Instagrammable with BloomsArt’s hanging flowers.