7th August

Fake Flowers for Window Boxes

Fake Flowers for Window Boxes

How Artificial Flowers Can Give Kerb Appeal

Who doesn’t love the look of fresh flowers in a window basket? But fresh flowers and plants can be expensive and need a lot of care, which isn’t always easy with a busy, modern life. This is where fake flowers for window boxes come into play.

"BloomsArt artificial flowers are ideal for decorating window boxes, as they are fade-resistant and UV protected, meaning they stay looking fresh and colourful all year regardless of how cold or hot it is"

Instead of buying live plants that only look pretty for a week before they start to wilt, or rot, high-quality artificial plants are a great way to enjoy the look of fresh flowers in your window box for longer.

Perfect for Out of the Way Areas

BloomsArt’s faux foliage and flowers do not need to be pruned or watered so they are excellent for decorating hard to reach, out of the way areas. Whether it is in the form of a window box, or a hanging basket of faux flowers, once installed the flowers do not need much aftercare.

Faux flowers provide instant kerb appeal to any home or business. This means they are great for areas that the sprinkler doesn’t reach, or for people who travel a lot and add a welcoming hit of colour to any balcony or window.

Real Look and Touch Flowers

The beauty of adding faux flower arrangements to your window box or hanging basket is that they look and feel just like fresh flowers. It is hard to tell that they aren’t real without looking really closely, and if they are in window boxes, people will just enjoy the plants. BloomsArt’s faux flowers are made from modern materials that perfectly mimic plants, and our floral designers are experienced in creating and installing gorgeous window boxes filled with fake plants to suit every budget and brief. You can enjoy a window box of red roses or a mix of different colours and blooms, we can even incorporate faux greenery for a completely natural look.

Easy Care Window Boxes

As with all of our fake plants, you will save time and money, as there is no need for special soil or fertilisers. All they need is to be dusted occasionally. Our faux flower window boxes always look fresh and natural and really add a feature point to any home or business. You can experiment with different types of window box and plant pot, and our friendly floral designers can assist with every part of the design and installation. As the plants can be moved about, if you want to change your fake flowers for window boxes at any time, you can just add other artificial plants or flowers. It allows for floral window boxes whatever the season.

Contact BloomsArt for Fake Flowers for Window Boxes

If you are thinking about decorating your home, business or event with artificial flowers for window boxes, get in touch with our small but friendly team at BloomsArt in Chelsea.