28th October

Commercial Christmas Floral Decor

Commercial Christmas Floral Decor

At this time of year, many businesses are starting to think about Christmas. In particular about commercial Christmas floral décor, how you choose to decorate your commercial business for Christmas can have a huge impact upon footfall to your business. There are some proven marketing ideas using artificial flowers that actually work. High-quality faux flowers, when used well in festive décor, can reinforce your brand or bring you brand recognition if you are a new business. BloomsArt has come up with some sure-fire ideas to market your business at Christmas time.

1. Christmas Window Display

Visual merchandising is a vital part in encouraging passers-by to stop and come into your business. Good Christmas décor can put browsers in a festive mood, and encourage them to spend money.

A beautifully designed retail window can draw interest to your business and can also be used to highlight your products creatively. Once you have designed and created a festive floral window, with the help of BloomsArt’s faux flowers, don’t be afraid to share images on all your social media channels, then just sit back and enjoy the rush as people decide to visit your business. Decorating your business for Christmas doesn’t just make customers happy, it also can really boost the morale of your staff, and motivated staff provide a better service, which leads to increased productivity.

2. Think of a Festive Theme

You may already have a theme in mind, such as a particular colour scheme, or design, but if you don’t, the florists at BloomsArt can help. They have years of experience in decorating homes and commercial properties around the world. This year floral trends include earthy naturals and environmentally aware décor, using a blend of silk flowers and natural items such as driftwood, pinecones, and holly. Think of colours such as terracotta, burnt umber, as well as jewel-like greens and blues that reflect the colours of nature. BloomsArt’s floral experts can come to any space and guide you on themes that would work well in your space. They can devise an interesting visual focal area that will enhance your commercial property. Texture and height are vital when creating Christmas decorations from plants, we can advise you on what faux flowers would work best and also how to add other items to your festive flowers.

Another trend in Christmas flowers this year are colours and textures inspired by the ocean, as seen at the Chelsea Flower Show this summer. So feel inspired to use blue and green flowers and plants, with a hint of silver or gold to add to the festive look. We can even create a stunning animal made from fake flowers for a novel, exciting focal point to your Christmas decorations.

3. Christmas Commercial Interiors

Christmas floral décor does not stop at a window display; you can decorate your interior with lush festive flowers. You can tie in your flowers with your company branding, or you can use flowers to highlight certain goods or concepts about your business. If you have a restaurant, twining flowers can be used to make a space look more welcoming or romantic, depending on what you want to convey. If you want to create something interesting that does not use much space think of flower walls, green walls or flowers hanging from the ceiling to use your space wisely. If you have a hotel, then holiday flowers can turn any room into a magical Christmas inspired space.

4. Book BloomsArt

Decorating your commercial property for Christmas can be a major part of showing how your business celebrates Christmas, but designing and creating eye-catching floral décor can be time consuming, Make it easier on yourself by booking BloomsArt to do it for you. They can come and speak to you to get an idea of what you would like then design and install floral décor with the right balance of texture, colour, and height to make any space look enticing for customers and people passing by. There are so many ways to market your business using flowers for the Christmas season, and BloomsArt has years of experience in making and installing gorgeous festive flowers that tie in with the aims and concepts of a business. They can create a ceiling full of flowers, which is now rivalling the flower wall as an interesting way to use space. BloomsArt work closely with their clients to make sure that there is a clear brief to work from.

They have decorated business establishments in and around London including Bulgari, Hilton, Buddha-bar, and Burberry. If your style is traditional, Nordic, edgy or sophisticated, we have it covered. Our faux flowers are made from high-quality materials that look as realistic as possible and our floral designers are creative whatever the space.

If you feel encouraged to turn your business into a festive floral space that will attract passers-by to stop at your business, and increase Christmas sales, contact BloomsArt’s floral professionals about Christmas marketing with flowers. They can help you create the perfect commercial Christmas floral décor for your business.