5th March

Cherry Blossom Decor – Always Elegant

Artificial Cherry Blossom is Trending in Commercial & Home Decor

In China, cherry blossom is seen as being a lucky flower and is also a sign of love and of course spring. This makes it a popular choice for decorating weddings, as it is a romantic flower that is all about new beginnings. This year there has been a trend in muted colours being used at weddings such as pink and brown, so cherry blossom ties into this trend perfectly.

If you want to use cherry blossom in your commercial or home décor, but want to watch your budget and have fuss-free flowers, then artificial cherry blossom is a stylish, environmentally friendly way to create and enjoy long-lasting Japanese style floral décor.

The technology used in real touch faux flowers is so modern that it is hard to tell the difference between fresh and fake flowers.

High-end interior designers are using them more and more as an elegant way to decorate a commercial space, event or home with a chic floral look.

Feel Inspired by the Chelsea Flower Show

BloomsArt is seeing many London businesses feeling inspired by Spring and the upcoming Chelsea Flower Show to decorate their restaurants, shops and hotels with graceful artificial cherry blossom.

We have created many bespoke floral arrangements for commercial properties as well as homes and special events such as weddings and fashion shows around the world.

Faux cherry blossom can be used to add texture and height to flower arrangements that can be placed on tables and windowsills. We have also created chic hanging decorations that have cherry blossom incorporated into the design. Faux cherry blossom can be twisted into a wreath to hang on a door, very welcoming and spring-like.

Additionally, ways to use artificial flowers include in vases of all sizes and shapes. We can create beautiful displays made from flowers in crisp, modern vases, or in vintage vases for a laid back, bohemian feel. The long, elegant branches can be used or you can also focus on the pretty pink flowers for a romantic, sweet look.

If you feel inspired by the Chelsea Flower Show, or just the coming of warmer weather, then artificial cherry blossom is a stylish way to decorate your space and bring nature inside. BloomsArt can create custom floral décor for businesses and homes, taking the hassle out of designing and making flower decorations. We also offer floral décor for hire, perfect for when you just want to decorate for a special event. Hiring faux flowers means you can change the throughout the year if you like, so in spring you could have cherry blossom, then roses in the summer, moving on to autumnal colours and winter themes. If you want high-end floral décor, call BloomsArt to see how we can help. We are based in London, California, Spain and France.