17th March

Chelsea Flower Show Is Catching On With Local Business

BloomsArt Shows How the Chelsea Flower Show Encourages Local Businesses to Bloom

The Royal Horticultural Society Chelsea Flower Show is one of the most renowned horticultural events in the world. It has been held every year since 1913, apart from some years during the First and Second World Wars.

It is the place to go to see fantastical gardens and gardening gadgets. And while it may not be the biggest flower show in the UK, compared to the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show, it is the most prestigious.

Even when rain turns it into the Chelsea Shower Flow, it still attracts 165 000 visitors a year, and would probably attract more if the attendance number were not capped.

In addition to Chelsea flowers, garden designers at the show regularly fall prey to the dreaded Chelsea Flu, which is attributed to pollen from nearby 550 Plane trees. Each year there are more than 500 exhibitors from 20 different countries, as well as 275 trade stands.

All the show garden are built from scratch in just 19 days and dismantled in only 5days.Each garden that is entered into the competition is given 45 minutes for the judges to look at it and chat with the creators.

This flower show celebrates stylish, inventive gardens, and you will see 0 garden gnome there as they are banned, apart from in the show’s centenary in 2013.

There are 2 companies who had gardens exhibited at the first ever show, who still exhibit now:Blackmore and Langdon and McBean’s Orchids.

The visitors who flock to the flower show at Chelsea also enjoy around:

  • 10,823 glasses of Champagne,
  • 7,720 glasses of Pimms and
  • 28,447 cakes.

Summertime Comes to London

The Chelsea Flower Show marks the start of the London season and summertime, and it influences local retailers in Chelsea who embrace the opportunity to have floral window displays.

Whether it is Tiffany, Cartier or the new kids on the block, J Crew, they all get in the mood for all things floral by creating beautiful, sumptuous floral décor for their windows and shop interiors.Whether it covering the front of their building with plants or Moyses Stevens quirky flower sculptures, shops in Chelsea know that at this time of year, everyone visiting London is thinking of flowers.

Fake it With Silk Flowers from BloomsArt

You don’t have to spend a fortune decorating your shop or business window or interior, silk flowers are a great alternative to fresh flowers, and they are a lot easier on the budget.Fake flowers have come a long way in recent 4 years, with many people wanting a colourful, realistic looking alternative to costly fresh blooms that may have to be imported from far away.Your carbon footprint will love it too, as silk flowers do not need to be flown in daily, or be watered and be sprayed with harmful pesticides.To create a long-lasting, innovative floral display to draw customers into your shop, think of using high-quality real touch silk flowers from BloomsArt.

Our skilled florists have experience of creating commercial window displays all over London, including Chelsea, Soho and Belgravia. They can advise any business on how to create eye-catching, high-end floral window displays using sumptuous silk flowers where you can save 3 times as much compared to fresh compositions.

Catch the Chelsea bug and create something beautiful to advertise your business today.