11th April

Boost Your Brand With Silk Flowers

Use Flowers in Company Branding

Forward-thinking hotels in London are always looking for new and creative ways to strengthen their unique brand, and top quality silk flowers used in floral décor can make a colourful and vibrant statement about your hotel. In addition, fake flowers brighten up any hotel space and make guests feel welcome.

Nowadays more and more hotels including 5-star hotels in Park Lane and other well know areas in the centre of London reinforce their brand with a luxurious silk floral display.

Artificial flowers can be part of the marketing of a brand, for example, a hotel chain could always use certain types of silk flowers in their displays so that returning customers associate them with that particular hotel. Flowers bring a touch of luxury and familiarity to a business and creates a unique brand experience that can then be standardised throughout each hotel without breaking the bank.

Smaller boutique hotels, on the other hand, can experiment with more individualistic floral designs, to reinforce the personal feel of a smaller hotel and to create a wow atmosphere.

Silk flowers can be brought together in a design scheme that fits with any vision and business environment of what your hotel is offering:– white flowers such as calla lilies for a sophisticated look, as used by many of the large, upmarket hotels– everlasting top quality roses and other country garden flowers for a more rustic look.– Real Touch birds of Paradise mixed with cane gives a very elegant and sophisticated look.Use Flowers to Bring Rooms to Life

Flowers provide a singular visual impact for new and returning customers, and can be tailored to attract new custom and fresh, new floral designs can breathe life into a room, however large.They can be used to contrast with other forms of art such as paintings or to blend in if you have a particular theme in mind for your hotel.

Much modern design is very masculine, with clean, stark lines, so a gorgeous Blooms Art silk flower floral arrangements in slick hotel can soften this effect.Tropical blooms can be used as a counterpoint to more traditional English décor, or natural touches such as wood and grasses mixed with flowers for an environmentally aware look.

Modern Blooms Art artificial flower arrangements are extremely versatile and can be blended with many other materials for a creative look or to bring together a theme for your hotel.If your hotel does not have a strategy for utilising flowers in the design, then it can be seen as a missed opportunity for connecting with customers on an emotional level, given that many decisions to spend money on purchases are based on emotional decisions and feelings. Contact BloomsArt to reinforce your brand with flowers.