30th July

A Guide to Making Decorative Peacocks from Artificial Flowers

A Guide to Making Decorative Peacocks Made from Artificial Flowers

BloomsArt Floral Peacocks Make the Perfect Ornament for Special Events

In ancient Greco-Roman mythology, the colourful peacock is associated with the goddess Hera, and in Hinduism, it is associated with Lakshmi who is the deity of kindness and good luck. It is also linked to Kwan-yin who is a Goddess of love and compassion. In the Christian church, the peacock stands for the all-seeing holy church.

This means that the majestic peacock is a symbol of beauty, attraction and nobility, but it is also symbolic of watchfulness and protection, making it a creative yet meaningful way to decorate a wedding or other special event. Its bright blue and green colours bring any space to life, and if you want a white theme, then BloomsArt can make all white peacocks too.

Floral Décor for Restaurants

At BloomsArt we love to get creative with faux flowers and constantly push the boundaries of what we can do with artificial flowers and plants. At New Year we designed and made some stunning floral peacocks for Buddha Bar, as well as for other London restaurants, and have been approached to create flower peacocks for weddings too. As they are such an eye-catching, colourful piece, we also offer them for hire, as it may more convenient to just rent a faux flower peacock than buy one, especially if you do not have much storage room or use for it after your special event.

How we Made Our Floral Peacock

To start off we created a life-size peacock body from polyfoam, but we have also used papier-mâché to make more delicate Christmas peacocks and topiary animals for commercial businesses.

Then we picked our faux flowers, gentle small flowers for the face and body and then striking, luscious blooms such as orchids, roses and peonies for the tail. Faux eucalyptus leaves also work really well to cover the face and long neck, or other faux greenery such as ivy. At this stage real plants can also be blended in with the faux flowers, or even other decorative elements such as feathers. Other flowers that look great when used to make a faux flower peacock include bluebells, wisteria, anemones, lilies, hydrangeas, and ranunculi.

Floral Animals

The fantastic thing about creating animals from fake flowers means that you are not limited by the season to what flowers you use or colour schemes.

BloomsArt’s floral designers can create a floral peacock in traditional jewel blues and greens, but can also create white peacocks, pink peacocks, bronze or gold peacocks, red peacocks, whatever colour you need to tie in with your colour scheme at home or for a commercial business.

They can even be used to reinforce your branding, ideal for a promotional or seasonal event at a restaurant or hotel.

The sky is the limit if you want to decorate your space with a pretty peacock made from artificial flowers. If peacocks are not your thing, or would not tie in with your event, contact us to see about making other flower animals to buy or hire. We are seeing more and more people turning to faux flowers as opposed to fresh as they are more environmentally friendly than having fresh flowers flown over, and they last a lot longer. The flowers can be re-used, so if you buy a floral peacock, you can store it away until you have another event that you feel would benefit from funky peacock décor.

Get in Touch

If you want to decorate a space with something that is truly eye-catching that all your guests will remember then why not contact us about buying or hiring a floral peacock. We will sit down with you to discuss what you need it for and what colours would work best for your event. Faux flower peacocks are a fun way to create interest in a room or shop; so let the designers at BloomsArt create a beautiful bird from fake flowers for you. Get in touch now, we are based in Chelsea but we also can create faux flower décor at other locations including Malibu, France and Valencia.