13th March

A Guide To Artificial Flowers

Guide to Different Types of Artificial Flowers

Everything you wanted to know about fake flowers, but did not know where to ask…

Modern artificial flowers come in a wide variety of colours and materials as well as different levels of quality. This guide to artificial flowers should enlighten you about different types of everlasting blooms.

We at BloomsArt have compiled this article to give our customers a little gentle education about the different types of reproduction flowers that we have available. We will also explain the ways in which we use each type of flower to enhance our displays for both the home and corporate market. We have developed new types of flowers to enhance the realistic feel and look of our range of artificial blooms. BloomsArt flowers are now made with many different materials such as papery nylon and latex, and polymer-based fabrics such as poly-silk; also wax-coated material or preserved flowers.

As a consequence, BloomsArt faux flowers have improved so much that even from a short distance, a florist could be fooled.

POLY-SILK FLOWERS:These are the flowers most associated with silk flowers, but for longevity of colour and form, they are now made with poly-silk, which absorbs and retains colour beautifully and has the added bonus of allowing each bloom to look individual much as they are in nature. The fabric can be created with lifelike veining and patterns in order to look extremely realistic.

Consequently, they are becoming more and more popular as an environmentally-friendly alternative at weddings for both general (and table-top) floral decorations instead of using fresh flowers; also for businesses such as hotel floral displays. At BloomsArt we have a huge range of poly-silk blooms as they retain their lifelike quality for a long time, but as the edges fray a little eventually, they are perhaps best-used for shorter-term bouquets or floral displays.

WAX COATED FLOWERS These blooms incorporate our Real Feel technology because the waxy coating makes them feel alive and they hold colour well, but they are the same poly-silk flowers simply covered with a light combination coating of wax, which increases the resilience. They can have a lot of detail but are much more expensive than poly-silk blooms and thus, often in limited supply, so clients who want this beautiful product in our range, must order them in advance.

LATEX FLOWERS The same goes for latex-coated blooms, which are equally realistic and resilient, but cost even more than the wax-coated flowers because they last even longer and so to are principally provided, on an advanced order basis.

PRESERVED FLOWERS Preserved flowers are essentially fresh blooms soaked in a Glycerine solution to preserve their petals. They look beautiful but are very fragile and can be quite brittle. Another drawback is the cost, they are more expensive than fresh blossoms, and are the most expensive type of flower on the market.

Hopefully, we have managed to explain some of the differences between types of modern artificial flowers. They are all beautiful in their own way, but at BloomsArt, we use Real Feel state-of-the-art technology, to create the most realistic of all the new artificial flowers, as they are made from a fusion of latex, wax or polymers to give a super-realistic feel on your skin and look, to any floral display or bouquet.

Our professionally trained florists have found them to be very effective when used in corporate floral displays for business spaces and hotels as they retain their colour, look amazing permanently and as such are very easy to manage, requiring only the occasional wipe-down with a damp cloth once the floral arrangement is in place. They are also gaining in popularity for use in the home as they can be matched or contrasted with your home décor and unlike fresh flowers, whether you are at home, or away, never wilt. Wedding displays too come alive with BloomsArt bouquets and floral arrangements, which are lifelike, fade-resistant and extremely long-lasting so are cost-effective making them perfect for those who want to bring a pop of colour into their environment.