23rd February

Return to the Wild with Artificial Flowers

Young, Wild, and Floral!

The world’s most prestigious horticultural event returns after much anticipation and the theme this year does not disappoint. The Chelsea flower show is set to take place between the 24th and the 28th of May with Wild as this year’s theme. 

Welcome to the Wild…

Wildflowers are flowers that like the name suggests are grown in the wild, they are not intentionally planted but rather they bloom without being planted. Wildflowers are typically native species to where they grow and only bloom seasonally compared to planted flowers which can be controlled in environments that emulate different climates. Wildflowers represent a return to the past before flowers could be easily transported or grown in superficial climates. The beauty of wildflowers is in their simplicity and their natural aesthetic.

Getting a Head of the Trend!

Choosing artificial wildflowers for your floral arrangement is a great way to get a head of the trend. They can be used to make sure your business or event is staying relevant and keeping up to date with what is fashionable. Unlike real flowers, BloomsArt wildflowers can be used in your display at any time of the year and not only when they are in bloom. This means you can stay on trend long after the flowers at the Chelsea flower show have wilted.

Great for the Planet and the Aesthetic…

Using artificial wildflowers is also a great way to spread awareness about flowers that are native to you and increasingly the popularity of domestic flowers rather than imported ones. This is a great way to encourage others to reduce their carbon footprint whilst supporting local florists. BloomsArt silk flowers are made of recyclable by product material which means that you can have a positive impact on the environment by choosing artificial wildflowers for your arrangement.


Go Wild for Wildflowers!