11th February

2020 is Officially the Year of Sustainable Flowers

RHS Chelsea Flower Show announces that the environment is this year’s theme.

The world’s most prestigious horticultural event, the RHS Chelsea Flower Show has announced that this year the theme is sustainability and the environment. They will showcase garden designers who are highlighting climate change, in a bid to get people thinking about what they can do for a more sustainable future. This ties in with BloomsArt’s own drive to allow people to enjoy the beauty and artistry of floral displays but with less waste and a reduced carbon footprint.

Many people do not associate fresh flowers with having a negative impact on the environment but as they are generally flown into the UK, sometimes from as far away as Asia or South America, and this can have a pretty hefty carbon footprint. Even flowers that are grown closer to home, most commonly in The Netherlands, are grown in huge greenhouses that use vast amounts of energy to heat and light, and this is without taking into account the transport costs to fly or drive them to UK customers.

Recyclable Artificial Plants and Flowers

BloomsArt’s artificial flowers and greenery are made from recycled polyester, which is abbreviated to rPET. Most fake flowers are made from plastic and rubber-based materials, which are created to last for a really long time. This means that tonnes and tonnes of plastic are thrown away, and as it doesn’t rot, it ends up polluting our oceans and landfill sites. BloomsArt’s faux plants and flowers are made from recyclable material, so the material can be reused time and time again. We made a point to source factories that only made high-end artificial plants from rPET, so we could guarantee that all our products were made from recycled materials that could, in turn, be recycled, creating beautiful yet sustainable floral decorations.

Caring for Our Environment

BloomsArt is committed, like the RHS Chelsea Flower Show to changing from using materials that are bad for the environment. We want to be counted as a company that makes a difference in changing the way we do business. This means using only recyclable materials along with providing artificial flowers that can be reused over and over again.

All of our faux greenery and flowers can be used:

1) to create long-lasting

2) low maintenance floral décor for homes and businesses

3) they do not need water or harmful fertilisers and can be recycled to make new floral décor if you want to change your display of flowers or plants

4) BloomsArt uses recycled rubber in some of its fake greenery, as we refuse to use new rubber from plantations that can be harmful to their local ecosystems. It also uses a lot less energy to recycle old rubber than to create new rubber, and avoids the toxic fumes as a result.

We also create displays with dried flowers such as Pampas Grass, as we see dried plants as a long-lasting, environmentally aware alternative to fresh flowers and greenery.

We are pleased to hear that our beliefs in floral décor being sustainable is in line with the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, as we see the show as being the trendsetter in the horticultural world and a reflection of what is going on in the outside world. The world’s climate crisis is only going to escalate, and when brands start to use their platform to say something about it, it is when real debate can happen about climate change and what to do about it. It has been predicted that in 30 years at least one-third of the Earth’s population will be living in cities. We can help design and install artistic and realistic urban gardens that will make any city space look beautiful and sustainable.

Chelsea Flower Show Sustainable Gardens

This year the Chelsea Flower Show will host gardens such as the M& G Garden that is a sustainable green space for communities, as well as the Guangzhou China Garden, which is a city garden that combines elements that are good for people and wildlife. There will also be a Facebook Garden that focuses on deforestation and uses renewable timber. In addition, there will be organic gardens, such as the Yeo Valley Garden and the Florence Nightingale Garden that again use renewable wood instead of single-use concrete.

Bloomsart's Sustainable Floral Decorations Made From Recyclable Greenery and Flowers

BloomsArt is happy to align itself with a more sustainable future for floral design.

We want to see more floral designers and artificial flower shops to sell fake flowers and plants made from recyclable materials.

If you want a consultation with our floral designers to see how we can help you create beautiful décor made from recyclable artificial flowers and greenery, please contact BloomsArt. You can still enjoy flowers, without harming the planet, let us help.